Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Blended Berries

I'm not a review blogger. I don't spend my days emailing brands for samples so that I can spend the next 2-10 weeks (depending on the products, obviously!) testing them out and writing about their pros and cons on my blog. Don't get me wrong, I do draft a number of emails asking small business owners if they'd be interested in sending me products for me to write about and one of the main goals of A Glamorous Revelation is to introduce small businesses and products I've discovered to you lovely readers. But I'm not one to regurgitate product facts and take up two paragraphs telling you how awesome the packaging is. I want to make my "reviews" (oh how much I hate calling them that) personal and fun while still expressing my honest feelings about a product whether those feelings are glamorous or not. With that being said, now it should be 10x easier for you to try and understand the "review" I'm about to write :)

I'm a perfume girl in that I love trying new fragrances and finding new signature scents, but I'm not going to pretend to be an expert and tell you about the different layers and smells involved with my newest favorite perfume Adele by Callio Fragrance. Adele is incredibly unique and has such an intense smell that the each time I inhale the unexpectedly warm scent I'm catapulted into a different mindset. It produces what can best be described as a glamorous revelation -- something simple and seemingly insignificant that instantly makes me feel more glamorous and sophisticated. The most prominent note in Adele is blackberry and is mixed with red rose and vanilla. The blackberry scent is the most distinct part of the the entire fragrance since it creates a demure berry scent that isn't typically found in everyday parfums. With just one spritz on the wrists and another on the chest, I leave a memory of Adele with every one I come face-to-face with.

Along with a full sized bottle of Adele I was sent a rollerball perfume of Kiele, a blend of jasmine, gardenia, and tuberose. Oddly enough, Kiele has two completely different scents. The first reminds me of a super great smelling shampoo that you'd wash, rinse, and repeat three times just to smell the suds. Then after about five minutes it transforms into an almost identical fragrance to Juicy Couture's original namesake parfum. Kiele lasts just as long, smells just as amazing, but unlike Juicy Couture's parfum it isn't tested on animals and costs half the price. Kiele is the definition of a luxe product with guilt free prices blended in an ethical environment. No surprise there since it's Callio Fragrance's most popular fragrance. Win-win-win!

Both Adele and Kiele can be purchased as rollerballs for $16 each or as full size 1oz bottle for $34 from the Callio Fragrance website. So what do ya think?? Did I do a good job? Let me know what you think of Callio Fragrance, which scent is your favorite, and if you've never tried it but reeallly reeeaaalllyy want to :)

Photos by Callio Fragrance