The Best Gift Guides This Season

It's a little late to post a gift guide, isn't it... Or maybe not. Well whatever, I guess.  I do what I want  and I absolutely want to write about gift guides because gift guides are my faavvooorriiiitee. Going back to my love for flat layouts, gift guides are a glorified and very shoppable version of the classic flat-lay. Every year I spend a few extra hours at Books-A-Million reading the December issue of every fashion magazine I can get my hands on or stopping by Wally World to buy ever magazine that promises a glamorous gift guide. This year I've taken the digital route and indulged in the many, MANY gift guides of internet. With so many of them floating around the world wide web already, I see no need to create one of my own this time around, but I have compiled a list of links to my favorite gift guides so far from some of the best gift guide makers around. Feast your eyes and indulge your wallets, my dear fashion loving Glamour Girls because Christmas is coming and you need to be guided in your gift giving endeavors.

Photo by Bicyclette