Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Saying Hello (The Old Fashion Way)...

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greeting card: Hart Paper Co ($4.50)

I am not ashamed of my old fashioned ways when it comes to my unquestionable attraction to stationary and snail mail. I love sending little notes in the mail or dropping them off in person for my bosses, friends, and advisers. For a while I used Mara Mi greeting cards almost exclusively, but once my stationary stash started running low I decided to branch out and get a few cards from some of my newest favorite stationary brands. As a celebration of friendship, I ordered the "Cheers To Friendship" from Hart Paper Co. The two Glamour Girls depicted in the illustration fit perfectly with my idea of a great friendship since I've always loved the thought of having coffee/tea in pretty cups with my bestie while wearing some of my favorite jewelry.

mara mi, tjmaxx. tj maxx, george stanley, kate spade new york, betsey johnson, statement necklace
notecard: Mara Mi ($4.99 for a pack of 12)

Even though I decided to "branch out" from Mara Mi, when I stopped by TJMaxx over my fall break I saw a box set of mini George Stanley x Mara Mi notecards in the same floral and striped print that my first ever Mara Mi notebook was in. The bright graphic print is fun for saying a quick "How do you do?" and making a major impression on the lucky guy or girl on the receiving end. Plus, each notecard makes for great eye candy on your desk with you biggest and brightest statement necklace and coffee table book.

hartland brooklyn, floral, home sweet home, happy birthday, greeting card
greeting cards: Hartland Brooklyn c/o ($4.50 each)

Hartland Brooklyn has been on my radar for a little over 5 months now, but it wasn't until I accidentally came across the brand again on Instagram in September that I got to see all of the stationary designs Hartland Brooklyn has to offer. With almost 100 different hand illustrated-style designs, there is hardly a shortage of occasions that deserve to be accompanied by an HB greeting card. These two go along with one of its main themes of floral with a feminine, floral wreath happy birthday design and potted flower welcome home design. 

hartland brooklyn, food, pizza, happy birthday hamburger, pineapple, greeting card
greeting cards: Hartland Brooklyn c/o ($4.50 each)

A secondary theme of Hartand Brooklyn is food. From the spring/summer trend of pineapples to the cheeky hamburger birthday "cake," you'll find an assortment of delectable edibles illustrated on number of cards. Puny phrases like "YOU'RE A LITTLE SLICE OF HEAVEN" accompany the ironic edible items and take a modern route to the age old love notes we used to send back and forth in our early elementary days. No longer shall I ponder the perfect pick me up to send to a special someone when I have a Hartland Brooklyn card sitting in my stash of stationary treasuries.