Monday, November 10, 2014

My Thoughts On Life... And Peppermint Hot Chocolate

So life has gotten the best of me lately...

...But that's not entirely the worst case scenario because life has also been kind of great lately, too.

...Namely my excitement for the holiday season since Christmas shopping is literally just around the corner! Yes, I've already started my Christmas Wishlist and created a lineup of holiday themed movies I want to watch throughout December :)

...Speaking of Christmas, it's finally the time of year to buy peppermint hot chocolate mix which, mind you, is 10x better than pumpkin spice lattes will ever be.

...Technology has thrown some serious shade my way lately. My phone has been spazzing out deciding randomly when it will or will not work. So all of the photography I had saved on my phone for AGR... yeeaahhh it may be a while before you get to lay eyes on it.

...Senior year is equal parts stressful/scary/hard and exciting/fun/monumental. Everyday I pray that one year from now I'm living the fabulous college life I've always dreamed of. *fingers crossed*

...The past several days have been filled with spontaneous shopping trips to all types of stores in my little town. From boutiques to discount stores to mass chain stores, I've been dropping it like it's hot at the cash register.

...Just kidding. "Dropping it like it's hot" is not really an option for me as an underage high school student. But I have picked up a few great pieces on sale such as heart printed tights, hunter green loafers, twp playtime necklace from (r-ki-tekt), and a creme chiffon dress.

...FYI there may or may not be a few changes happening here on A Glamorous Revelation in the near future so hold on tight because it's going to be crazy fun ride!

...I'm not going to ignore the fact that my blogging schedule has been totally off since, well, before Halloween. I know some bloggers say you should never apologize for a lack of blog content (which I do agree with most times), but this time around I do feel like you all deserve an apology because I know I wasn't just "taking a break" from my blog; I was pretty much neglecting it.

...I am typing this post as I watch the newest episode of Kourtney And Khloe Take The Hamptons and let me tell ya, Lord Disick is the real MVP of reality tv.

...Oh! And BTW, this lovely photo is from my very first Deal Or No Deal post based on a Missoni scarf I found on Hautelook and fell in love with.