Thursday, November 13, 2014

Glamour Magazine + The Dangers of Cigarettes=?

I stopped reading Glamour Magazine 8 months ago and I hate to say it but it's been hard. There are many reasons why I decided not to continue buy Glamour Magazine or flipping through the magazine at the grocery store. However, the deciding factor was the article/letter from the editor Glamour published in its pages several months ago about smoking cigarettes. Long story short, Glamour blatantly marked smoking as one of its iconic fashion don'ts, yet less than a 100 pages later there is a full page ad for one of the biggest cigarette companies in America. The hypocrisy was so outright that I was taken aback that anyone in the Glamour Magazine offices thought that featuring that ad along with such a contradictory article. Unfortunately, that wasn't the worst part of my Glamour Mag discovery. The most shameful part was that after I discovered the article and ad and got upset about the situation I still wanted to continue buying Glamour. I spent months justifying not canceling my subscription and even buying monthly issues after my subscription ended only to feel guilty and ashamed after flipping through the glossy pages. I eventually stood my ground and and made the decision to no longer patronize the publication. I felt better about myself knowing I stuck with what my heart felt by not rewarding such disgusting tactics. Now, 8 months later I have a different approach to Glamour. I can't say I will ever have the respect for the magazine like I once did, but I will say that I am more open to being a consumer of Glamour Magazine again. I am not any more accepting of what they did than I was back then, but I think now that I've proven to myself and made a small but significant point to the magazine industry that I am not okay with such behavior and will not brush it under the rug. So as the holidays come around and I go about my yearly tradition of buying almost every fashion magazine to drown myself in their gift guides, I can take a step back and understand that these magazines are not as surface as they seem to be.

Photo by Caters News Agency