Friday, October 31, 2014

13 Internet Posts I Loved In October

October has been the fastest month this year so far. It feels like just yesterday I was celebrating my sister's birthday which was on September 22. With so much going on academically (just 10 more months before I officially am a college student!) and all of the fantabulous things going on behind the scenes of A Glamorous Revelation, it's easy for me to abandon (kind of...) the internet to focus on getting work done. Luckily, I still spent a considerable amount of time surfing the web this month so here are some of my favorites all piled together just. for. YOU.

I've seen this article passed around the world wide web here and there over the past month and I'm going to share it again right here right now. The New York Times did a piece on the different foods kids eat for breakfast around the world. Feast your eyes on the AM habits of youth all over the globe.

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Tarah-Lynn from Adorned In Armor traveled to London last earlier this month for the Cosmopolitan Magazine Blogger Awards and she documented her trip as a CMBA nominee on Instagram. Here's a video from the day of the awards show.

I'm still really excited about Kierra's new self-hosted website, Her Charisma. My favorite from her newest posts is her article "When Something Speaks To You" about a series of paintings she saw that has inspired her to travel around the world and create a photo diary on her adventures

Bicyclette Boutique
Bicyclette and Random Acts Of Pastel held a social media workshop in Canada in September and this post on the Bicyclette blog alone makes me super jealous of everyone who got to attend. Here's to a Get Social workshop coming near you!

I'm doing a two in one because both of these tweets made it into my "Favorites" this month and I am totally in love with the new ABC murder drama How To Get Away With Murder. These tweets from the actors who play Connor and Oliver make live-tweeting #HTGAWM that much better.

I make it incredibly obvious that The Man Repeller is somewhat of a blogger fashion bible for me. "What Roommate Surveys Should Really Be Asking" is just one of the reasons why I love The Man Repeller so very very much. Plus, it makes me super excited to go off into the college world.'s Our Happy Place
The blog can truly be called "our happy place" with all of the super fun, glam inspiration the serve up on a silver platter for all of their dear readers. This month's book club article (okay, okay... technically it was published on September 30th) is more DIY scrapbook than hot new fashion literature and I am totally okay with that.

Because Wildfox Couture has the best #TBT Clueless pieces and Refinery29 knows what to say when it comes to Wildfox's clothing lines

This outfit from Cupcakes and Cashmere is so fall appropriate that it's no surprise that the equestrian style cape sold out before Emily even published the post on her blog. To all of you who somehow got the heads up to buy this classic, striped cape before it went viral: God bless your soul because you're one lucky duck,

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A sneak peek at a some pretty things coming soon from Emma Kisstina! Pearl, bows, lipstick. Oh My!

The Fashion Barbie has memorable Halloween costumes on lock with her post "The Most Fashionable Halloween Ever." Did some one say Choupette the Cat and the iconic Moschino Dress? Happy Halloween from the most fashionable trick-or-treaters.

The unfortunate thing about living in a small town is the lack of indie films available at the Carmike Cinema downtown. Dear White People came out in the middle of October and I'm stuck waiting until the (possible... fingers crossed!) dvd/online release in a couple of months. Until then, explore the harsh reality of college campus racism with this article about stereotypical race-based costumes on

And in the spirit of Halloween: "Fashion Styles For Ghosts"