Wednesday, November 26, 2014

13 Blog Posts I Loved This Month

As of last Tuesday, I'm officially in holiday mode. I love the holiday season and enjoying the cold weather of November and December is always highlighted with extreme glee when I think about all of the great things that happen between my brothers birthday, November 17th, and New Year's Day. Plus, pre-winter holiday season is the only time you can use the word "glee" without seeming completely pretentious. I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgivings tomorrow and your shopping excursions on Friday and beyond. As for me and my household (that may or may not be a biblical allusion), I look forward to feasting on great food and taking a much needed break from being in school so that I can actually get school and college work done. Happy Thanksgiving. Here are the 13 blog posts I loved this month! XO

1. Pearls & Pastries: a great holiday gift guide for the movie lover in your life. 

2. Morning Elegance: pleated leather skirts have been done before, but they haven't been paired with the thoughtful, poetic words of a girl struggling to be creative in a bland, Type A world.

3. A Little Dash Of Darling: her chic cape OOTD reminds me that winter is approaching and there's nothing more glamorous than a black, warm cape to throw over a simple outfit.

4. Pretty Sweet Life: here's your new favorite beauty brand that's safe for all skin -- BeautyCounter

5. Look Sharp Sconnie: ever looked back at old photos and realized that you were way cooler back then with a whole lot more confidence? You're not alone.

6. Fashion Flirtation: another holiday gift guide, this time featuring simple little luxuries and elegant pieces every Glamour Girl loves.

7. Book of Leisure: this bright, swan printed skirt has me wishing I was surrounded by poultry. <3

8. Hunt and Harvest: winter is stupid. But only because fashion bloggers still take pictures in short skirts and stilettos.

9. Independent Fashion Bloggers: fresh off the heels of a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 3 marathon, I've got Yolanda's words "Are you my real friend or a Hollywood friend?" stuck in my head. Except with blogging it's "Are blogger friends real or strictly business?"

10. Cupcakes and Cashmere: a baby bump and lace dress trim. Emily Schuman for the win.

11. Breakfast At Vogue: I have a particular preference to Breakfast At Vogue simply because the photography is spectacular. These black and white photos from her trip to New York City are a story in and of themselves.

12. Pearls and Pastries: yet another holiday gift guide, except this one only has one item -- this gorgeous sequin dress.

13. Natalie Off Duty: a seemingly thrown together outfit looking ever so stylish on Natalie's model-esque frame. Riding boots, pattern mixing, a leather backpack, and a drop waist dress. How does she do it?