Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Thoughts On Life... And Gourmet Burgers

The truth about life is...

...this photo is from the very first outfit post I ever wrote on this little blog of mine (and the second blog post I ever wrote, period).

...I am way too scared/ashamed to go back and read what I wrote for my first outfit post but am also really curious about what grand things I had to say back then.

...I've spent the past 3 weeks vowing to get completely caught up on blog scheduling and planning yet I'm still super behind on all things blog related.

...I'm officially obsessed with Bicyclette Boutique and Random Acts Of Pastel's on going collab!

...Plus, Bicyclette's vimeo channel is my newest source of inspiration

...that I've wanted to start a series about my "minor confessions" for over 6 months.

... in fact, that's what my Blogger Confessions series was originally intended to be (as inspired by one of my all time favorites, Brass Honey!)

....my craving for gourmet burgers and Greek pizza has been at a record high since Saturday afternoon.

...thinking about what my blog will transform into once I am a college student scares me and excites me so so so much! Great things, my friends, great things ;)