Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The House Of DVF and More

E! is stepping up their game this year with all of the new shows and segments they are offering online and on television. The House of DVF is premiering this season and I am praying that it ends up being a hit. Betsey Johnson landed her own reality show on E! a couple of years ago and it didn't  make past its first season. However, Diane Von Furstenburg is way more bang for your buck in the fashion industry. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my fair share of Betsey Johnson jewelry, but DVF's impact in the fashion industry is unparalleled.

Vanderpump Rules is back for season 3 in November and I am beyond excited. One of my favorite shows of the moment, #PumpRules is going to be one of the only consistent things in my ife throughout the winter. Stassi is back fro New York, Kristen is still psycho, and Jax will always be Jax. In my mind Vanderpump Rules is the 2010's rendition on The Hills. Stassi is a lot like Lauren Conrad, no?

Scripted television is not typically my cup of tea, but How To Get Away With Murder on ABC is captivating, cool, and all together entertaining. The storyline is not what I was expecting from the highly advertised preseason previews. You "learn" how to get away with murder... technically... but the show focuses way more on the peer-to-peer drama and suspense of an upcoming (HTGAWM utilizes a flashforward time sequence) murder as well as a current murder mystery. If you are looking for a CourtTV worthy show then steer clear, but if Scandal-like drama is what your into step right up to #TGIT.

Photos from E! Online