Friday, October 17, 2014

So You Don't Know What To Wear On Halloween?

Halloween is in exactly two weeks and if you're like me you've been thinking about what you're going to wear. Is girl every to old to dress up for Halloween? I don't know for sure so this year I'm going to meet in the middle with a few accessories that hint at a celebration of the costumed holiday without dressing head to toe in a pirate uniform or overexposed nurse outfit. As it is fall and scarves are an understood staple in the breezy weather I've thrown a black cat printed scarf into my Halloween outfit this year. I am incredibly scared of all types of cats, but as a superstitious symbol and October 31st tradition this scarf is perfect. Being festive at work can seem a little restricted but this scarf from Love Unstoppable is an easy way to show your spooky spirit without seeming like a witch with a cauldron. And if you're not so into the obvious Halloween theme I've also added banana earrings from Little April Showers Jewellery to my repertoire. When I first saw them on her website I immediately thought of Carmen Miranda which is an easy, go-to costume if you do choose to dress up. Her signature fruit basket headpiece and colorful attire can be represented by just a single pair of bright banana earrings. But let's say you're not going to work or maybe you're not going to school. What do you do then when you want to be Halloween appropriate without taking it entirely too far in a full on costume? Well you can always slip on a headpiece and take on a persona. A beret is pretty much made for this type of occasion for anyone not in France and fedoras with feathers have no place in the world except the days surrounding Halloween. My favorite of head accessories is a Great Gatsby style hair pin with bedazzled jewels and feathers worn with a demure updo. Give Daisy a run for her money and sport an intricate hair pin for the day. And if you're going to a Halloween themed party after hours just slip on a sequin midi dress or a satin slip and you're ready prepared for a Gatsby style get together.

cat scarf: Love Unstoppable c/o; banana earrings: Little April Showers; headpiece: one-of-a-kind handmade piece