Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pinspiration: OUTFITS

Probably my most used board on Pinterest and my favorite to browse through for a daily dose of inspiration is my pinboard titled "Outfits." It is the epitome of all things glamorous and gorgeous, wardrobe wise, as well as unobtainable and unsuspectingly tantalizing. I fully submerge myself in inspiration when the urge strikes me, but I cannot deny the fact that the outfits on Pinterest make me sad knowing I will never have the opportunity to adorn myself in the exact garments I see gliding across my screen. Army green cargo pants, a donut printed sweatshirt, and a bright orange feathered shawl are not items I'm particularly looking out for on my impromptu shopping escapades. Neither are a metallic pleated skirt, ruffle layered white dress, and flower embellished peasant blouse. Regardless, even if I did own every piece featured throughout the magnificence that is my Outfits pinboard there is no way I would be able to pull them off with the style and grace every Pinterest model seems to possess. I am no Blake Lively or Emma Watson. I was not meant to strut my stuff down my own personal runway (virtual or otherwise) in such extravagant clothing. SO that begs the question: is Pinterest merely a source of distant inspiration never meant to be replicated? Despite my past 7 sentences, I think Pinterest is the unofficial closet of every fashion enthusiast in America. In theory I couldn't see myself sporting any of these outfits to the grocery store or a soccer game in my small, rural town. But if I were truly given a chance to add every piece of each one of these outfits to my closet I would be over the moon. But like I said, this is all in theory -- hypothetical. Who has time to waste on hypothetical when there are over 100 pins sitting in my "Outfits" pinboard waiting to be oggled?