Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pinspiration: Fashionable Finds

"Fashionable Finds" is the dumping ground of all my Pinterest inspirations. These pins don't quite fit into the clothing or food categories and they can't technically be classified as pretty to go onto my "Pretty Things Pinboard. Nonetheless, I love a collection of artistically vandalized Vigue Magazines, a pile of Chanel jewelry, and a head full of fresh flowers. Add in a handful of balloons from the Miss Dior Cherie add campaign , a sketch from Teen Vogue's beauty tester experiment from this past summer, and blunt bangs topped with a black crown and you've almost recreated my collection of Fashionable Finds. My take on fashionable pins is pretty much divided into two sectons: black, white, and chic or pretty pastel daydream. There is pretty much no in between and I am completely okay with that. Pinterest has no rules so my "Fashionable Finds" board definitely doesn't.