Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Nail Art On The Block

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This month I've scaled back a bit on my nail art designs and decided to go the more tradition route. I am incredibly partial to pink nail polish so my first manicure made use of the numerous shades of rose I have stashed away in my nail art pouch. In true fall season spirit I took the five best shades and created an ombre effect to go with my dalmatian jasper and princess pink bangles as well as my Love Is cross earrings in bronze. Sticking with the simple theme, I tried out Trust Fund Beauty's vegan, 5-free nail polish in "Elegantly Wasted" with my 14k gold crucifix. Trust Fund Beauty polishes are inspired by the inner rich b**** in all of us and a 14k gold piece of nail jewelry definitely fits in with Trust Fund Beauty's Paris Hilton-esque lifestyle. Next, I kept it classic with a black and white messy polka dot design created by China Glaze's texture nail polish in black and a creamy white lacquer called "Blow" by Trust Fund Beauty. The formula for both "Elegantly Wasted" and "Blow" runs a little bit thin even though the pigment goes on so richly with just 2 coats. My current nails are quite the departure from the traditional looks I've been wearing on my nails all month. I combined an evil eye inspired design and a solid white coat with a black and purple checked design and Ciate glitter to make the melting pot of designs I'm wearing now. Enough solid space to keep a girl sane, but just the right amount of crazy to keep it all fun.

pink nail polishes: Pretty Please color #24, Essie, Ciate from The Dollhouse Collection, Ciate from The Dollhouse collection; lilac nail polish: Trust Fund Beauty c/o; gold nail art jewelry: Hex Nail Jewelry; black nail polish: China Glaze; white nail polish: Trust Fund Beauty c/o; nail glitter: Ciate; bracelet: Lindsey Crafter