Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Little Obsession: "90 Days" by Bicyclette Boutique

Back in the beginning of my blogging days I mentioned that I am not a fan of YouTube, and it's worth mentioning again. The endless stream of cat snippets and DIY tutorials on any video sharing social media has yet to capture my undivided attention, but it seems like I might have a change of heart in the near future thanks to Bicyclette. Somehow I happened upon Bicyclette Boutique's Vimeo channel a few weeks ago and found its short film 90 Days. The film was originally uploading over a year ago and documents the beautifully bohemian development of a summertime romance (Note all of the flower crowns and man buns). As the couple goes through the first 90 days of their relationship, from the first date to their discussion of the 90 day mark, you get to see a modern day fairytale unfold. In just 8 short minutes, the great minds behind 90 Days present a fun, relatable story of "young love" with great outfits on all of the characters throughout the entire film. This video was made in collaboration with Bicyclette, one of my favorite online boutiques at the moment, so the cute clothes are to be expected. So what are you waiting for?! I've already watched it eight times so now it's your turn. And don't forget to tell me what you think -- modern day Romeo and Juliet minus the death?? Or maybe some other type of indie love story... Thoughts?