Monday, October 6, 2014

My Little Obession: Bloggers On Social Media

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I'm back, I'm back, I'm baaacckk! For those of you who follow along with me on Instagram you know that last Monday I made the decision to take last week off, I was in a semi-intense situation with a back log of essays and homework to start and finish, crazy deadlines to meet, and a bunch of college decisions to make that would determine my future. Now that I'm back, though, I'm ready to get the ball rolling! This edition of My Little Obsession is a bit different than usual because instead of sharing an item, trend, or brand I've recently discovered and love I've decided to share the blogs and bloggers I've been obsessing over lately. Within the past couple of weeks I've made it a point to connect with some of my favorite blogs and bloggers by also following them on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Even though I love using social media to discover and connect with brands, I've fallen in love with getting to know more about my favorite bloggers via several different platforms.

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I've loved Loser Girl Wins for months, but I just started following Sarah's blog Instagram last month and I can't believe it took me so long. Her posts make me so jealous of her gypsy life and her killer juicing skills. I mean, come one! She posts pictures of cotton candy, vintage magazines, tons of nail polish, and loads upon LOADS of finger jewelry.

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I don't know how the heck I found Hannah from An Old Story blog (probably through IFB... possibly from Instagram) but I'm glad I did because her tweets are HILARIOUS. Here are a few of my favorites from the past couple of weeks: her woes about good hair days, her special skill (which may or may not include cussing), her question on behalf of "a friend," and her most recent frustrations. Plus, as a girl who loves online shopping and writes a blog to support small businesses, I love that her blog focuses on shopping outside the big business retail scene by being a thrifting genius.

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Okay so technically I discovered Random Acts Of Pastel in reverse order. I found Random Acts Of Pastels through Instagram from Bicyclette Boutique and's recommended followers. I've never really identified as a pastel enthusiast, but Alyssa's Instagram and blog make me fall in love with everything (and I mean ev-ree-thiinngg!) she posts. Honestly, my little obsession with Alyssa and Random Acts Of Pastel is more of an obsession with her whole network of pastel love, including but not limited to, Wildfox Couture, and Bicyclette.

Photos from We Heart It and respective Instagram accounts