Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Know Your Worth

know your worth, feminism, you are worth the wait, love unstoppable etsy shop, graphic tee, t-shirt, steal time back, tiny time machines, now's the time
know your worth, feminism, loveunstoppable etsy, love unstoppable shop, betsey johnson, steal time back, tiny time machine, now watch
love unstoppable etsy shop, loveunstoppable, steal time back, tiny time machines, now watch, know your worth, feminism, you are worth the wait
Let me start out by saying this: trying to take outfit photos (let alone good ones!) when it's raining and your entire county is under a severe weather warning is a real struggle. This "photo shoot" lasted all of 8 minutes until I had to rush inside to stay dry. After waiting an hour... then two... then three, I decided the weather wasn't going to do me any favors so I'd have to stick with the few pictures I'd already taken. But rest assured, I'm already planning another photo shoot so you can see all of the different outfits I had planned and put together for this Know Your Worth Tee.

This t-shirt from Love Unstoppable's Etsy shop has such a simple message with an incredibly powerful meaning. The phrase "Know Your Worth" is printed in bold letters followed by "you are worth the wait" in thin, white script underneath. it conveys the message that every girl, lady, and woman is worth waiting for. With so many stories and rallies centered around feminism, especially in the case of sexual assault, it's truly important to send the message that a woman's worth is beyond her physical attributes. We're all told to "experiment" and "find ourselves" throughout our young adult years, but the truth is that every woman is worth waiting for. No female has to "be in touch with her sexuality" in order to know who she is. She IS fearfully and wonderfully made, and her identity ISN'T determined by what's she's discovered about her body. Standing up for what you think is right doesn't mean you have to picket an event or start a riot in the streets. Just buy a t-shirt, wear it to school or work, and let the message speak for itself! I decided to dress this t-shirt down for this outfit with a plaid button down and cheetah print loafers, but it can totally be worn with a big, floral skirt and 4 inch wedges, too. Sharing what you believe in doesn't have to be reserved for the tees you wear to the gym -- they can work for any occasion... Well maybe not with a suit and tie during your board meeting, but just about every other occasion else works :)

earrings: Little April Showers Jewellery;  t-shirt: Love Unstoppable c/o; necklace: Love Is c/o; watch: Steal Time Back; loafers: Betsey Johnson