Monday, October 27, 2014

Charmed and Dangerous

lindsey crafter, upcycled jewelry, rugged wearhouse, boy and girl loafers, color theory bracelet, rue21, rue 21, aztec skirt
lindsey crafter, color theory bracelet, upcycled jewelry, rue21, rue 21, aztec skirt, contrast piping loafers, boy girl chiara loafers
lindsey crafter, color theory bracelet, old navy, beaded slip dress, love is ring
lindsey crafter, upcycled jewelry, color theory bracelet, betsey johnson, sparkle sequin star loafers
lindsey crafter color thepry bracelet, hartland brooklyn, pineapple, mara mi, upcycled jewelry
If you've been a reader for any period of time you probably know that I love Instagram more than I'll probably ever love my first born child. I use it to find new brands to obsess over, connect with other bloggers and business owners, and share small pieces of my day-to-day with my followers. I follow dozens of small businesses on Instagram and screenshot all of my "likes" so that I can go back and cyber stock the people and brands that posted each picture. Lindsey McCord, the artist behind Lindsey Crafter, has a dozen pictures of her upcycled jewelry designs on her Instagram account so it's no surprise that after finding one of her posts I went full on creep mode and stocked her Insta account to find all of her designs. But the party didn't stop there. Once I visited her website I officially became Lindsey Crafter obsessed. There were almost twice as many beaded bracelet designs in her shop section as there were on her Instagram. 

All of the Lindsey Crafter jewelry pieces sold have a mix of beads, tassels, and puff balls in a gamut of colors, textures, and sizes. Originally I received the turquoise accented bracelet, but once I found out Lindsey was hosting a buy one get one free sale two weeks ago I bought the navy, gold, and aqua designs from her Instagram feed and picked the Victorian style orange and purple color theory bracelet to be free. Each bracelet (especially the Victorian-esque design!) is SO much prettier on person and looks incredible by itself or stacked with the others. The eclectic mix of pink discs and multicolored beads on the first bracelet are perfect for a bohemian, earth-y style. The navy, gold, and aqua design fits with a minimalistic, sleek personality and goes really well with embellished outfit pieces like this beaded slip dress I bought over fall break. The Victorian style color theory bracelet is the jack of all trades with orange square beads, a bright blue puff ball charm, a neon yellow bead, a series of small white disks stacked on top of each other, a bead made of cork, and a rhinestone accent. With my ever changing style I love that each bracelet has it's own distinct theme while still being an incredibly curated mix of upcycled, mix-n-match beads and details. Next on my Lindsey Crafter wishlist are the Geo-Bead Tassel Strand necklace and the silver and pastel pink beaded color theory bracelet that has a black and white accent bead and an orange puff ball charm.

Which Lindsey Crafter designs are your favorite?

faux leather jacket: Rue 21; aztec skirt: Rue 21; opalite wire ring: Autumn Rose Jewellery; beaded slip dress: Old Navy; sequin star loafers: Betsey Johnson; pineapple greeting card: Hartland Brooklyn c/o; beaded bracelets (clockwise): Lindsey Crafter navy/gold/aqua design, Lindsey Crafter Victorian style color theory design c/o, Lindsey Crafter turquoise accented design c/o.