Monday, October 13, 2014

An Ode To Carrie Bradshaw

So I guess it's official now -- we've seen all we'll every get to see of Carrie Bradhsaw's big adventures. I was never a huge fan of Sex and The City, but I did form an attachment to CW's series The Carrie Diaries. I read both books in The Carrie Diaries series and loved that the show stuck with the young adult literature and therefor stuck with the original Sex and The City novel. The HBO hit Sex and The City was a bit different than the original writing of Carrie Bradshaw creator Candace Bushnell. Those who loved the show not only were disappointed in the teenage-centered theme of The Carrie Diaries but also the inconsistencies with their beloved Sex and The City series. The HBO writers chose to change a few details to make Carrie more compelling and her story more enjoyable. The CW writers decided to slash all of the changes and get back to the Carrie author Bushnell originally imagined. The Carrie Diaries was a great '80s throwback to the struggles Carrie faced before she became the successful writer of Sex and The City. She dealt with bullies, was somewhat of a prude (go figure!), and spent a great deal of her time in New York being shocked by its extravagance. I'm not a TV junkie of any sorts but the premise was something I came to love.

If nothing else, I just love the idea of a woman my age finding her way through NYC in hopes of fulfilling her dream of being a writer despite her dad's insistence on her becoming a lawyer. And the fashion! Oh the fashion. I obviously wasn't around to experience the fashion that consumed the eighties, but the bright and wonderous costumes in The Carrie Diaries made my heart skip a beat every now and then. Particular this sequin number used for The Carrie Diaries's original promo release. I remember seeing it in an issue of Teen Vogue and dying over the striped dual heart belt. Then I saw the designer (Marc Jacobs) and the insane price tag ($228) and decided it was time to find a cheaper alternative. I searched for months to no avail until finally spotting this vintage Juicy Couture buckle belt that has all the spirit of a young Carrie. I truly love the silver sequin dress, but my wardrobe only calls for this black, strapless version I bought on a trip to Atlanta a few years back and my selection of cardigans has dwindled since the first episode of The Carrie Diaries aired on my local CW channel, but there's no shortage of Carrie approved outerwear hanging in my closet. So in remembrance of the October not so long ago when The Carrie Diaries first appeared on television sets across America I'd like to toast to Carrie Bradshaw and her great legacy.

bracelets: Britter and Jo, Fired and Wired c/o, Belle's Bangles; nail polish: Trust Fund Beauty in Elegantly Wasted c/o; belt: Juicy Couture

Photo from Instyle