Friday, October 31, 2014

13 Internet Posts I Loved In October

October has been the fastest month this year so far. It feels like just yesterday I was celebrating my sister's birthday which was on September 22. With so much going on academically (just 10 more months before I officially am a college student!) and all of the fantabulous things going on behind the scenes of A Glamorous Revelation, it's easy for me to abandon (kind of...) the internet to focus on getting work done. Luckily, I still spent a considerable amount of time surfing the web this month so here are some of my favorites all piled together just. for. YOU.

I've seen this article passed around the world wide web here and there over the past month and I'm going to share it again right here right now. The New York Times did a piece on the different foods kids eat for breakfast around the world. Feast your eyes on the AM habits of youth all over the globe.

adorned in armor, cosmo blogger awards, london fashion week, company magazine,
Tarah-Lynn from Adorned In Armor traveled to London last earlier this month for the Cosmopolitan Magazine Blogger Awards and she documented her trip as a CMBA nominee on Instagram. Here's a video from the day of the awards show.

I'm still really excited about Kierra's new self-hosted website, Her Charisma. My favorite from her newest posts is her article "When Something Speaks To You" about a series of paintings she saw that has inspired her to travel around the world and create a photo diary on her adventures

Bicyclette Boutique
Bicyclette and Random Acts Of Pastel held a social media workshop in Canada in September and this post on the Bicyclette blog alone makes me super jealous of everyone who got to attend. Here's to a Get Social workshop coming near you!

I'm doing a two in one because both of these tweets made it into my "Favorites" this month and I am totally in love with the new ABC murder drama How To Get Away With Murder. These tweets from the actors who play Connor and Oliver make live-tweeting #HTGAWM that much better.

I make it incredibly obvious that The Man Repeller is somewhat of a blogger fashion bible for me. "What Roommate Surveys Should Really Be Asking" is just one of the reasons why I love The Man Repeller so very very much. Plus, it makes me super excited to go off into the college world.'s Our Happy Place
The blog can truly be called "our happy place" with all of the super fun, glam inspiration the serve up on a silver platter for all of their dear readers. This month's book club article (okay, okay... technically it was published on September 30th) is more DIY scrapbook than hot new fashion literature and I am totally okay with that.

Because Wildfox Couture has the best #TBT Clueless pieces and Refinery29 knows what to say when it comes to Wildfox's clothing lines

This outfit from Cupcakes and Cashmere is so fall appropriate that it's no surprise that the equestrian style cape sold out before Emily even published the post on her blog. To all of you who somehow got the heads up to buy this classic, striped cape before it went viral: God bless your soul because you're one lucky duck,

emma kisstina, emmakisstina, instagram, illustrations, pearls and lipstick, new e=release, hand made, artist
A sneak peek at a some pretty things coming soon from Emma Kisstina! Pearl, bows, lipstick. Oh My!

The Fashion Barbie has memorable Halloween costumes on lock with her post "The Most Fashionable Halloween Ever." Did some one say Choupette the Cat and the iconic Moschino Dress? Happy Halloween from the most fashionable trick-or-treaters.

The unfortunate thing about living in a small town is the lack of indie films available at the Carmike Cinema downtown. Dear White People came out in the middle of October and I'm stuck waiting until the (possible... fingers crossed!) dvd/online release in a couple of months. Until then, explore the harsh reality of college campus racism with this article about stereotypical race-based costumes on

And in the spirit of Halloween: "Fashion Styles For Ghosts"

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pinspiration: Fashionable Finds

"Fashionable Finds" is the dumping ground of all my Pinterest inspirations. These pins don't quite fit into the clothing or food categories and they can't technically be classified as pretty to go onto my "Pretty Things Pinboard. Nonetheless, I love a collection of artistically vandalized Vigue Magazines, a pile of Chanel jewelry, and a head full of fresh flowers. Add in a handful of balloons from the Miss Dior Cherie add campaign , a sketch from Teen Vogue's beauty tester experiment from this past summer, and blunt bangs topped with a black crown and you've almost recreated my collection of Fashionable Finds. My take on fashionable pins is pretty much divided into two sectons: black, white, and chic or pretty pastel daydream. There is pretty much no in between and I am completely okay with that. Pinterest has no rules so my "Fashionable Finds" board definitely doesn't.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The House Of DVF and More

E! is stepping up their game this year with all of the new shows and segments they are offering online and on television. The House of DVF is premiering this season and I am praying that it ends up being a hit. Betsey Johnson landed her own reality show on E! a couple of years ago and it didn't  make past its first season. However, Diane Von Furstenburg is way more bang for your buck in the fashion industry. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my fair share of Betsey Johnson jewelry, but DVF's impact in the fashion industry is unparalleled.

Vanderpump Rules is back for season 3 in November and I am beyond excited. One of my favorite shows of the moment, #PumpRules is going to be one of the only consistent things in my ife throughout the winter. Stassi is back fro New York, Kristen is still psycho, and Jax will always be Jax. In my mind Vanderpump Rules is the 2010's rendition on The Hills. Stassi is a lot like Lauren Conrad, no?

Scripted television is not typically my cup of tea, but How To Get Away With Murder on ABC is captivating, cool, and all together entertaining. The storyline is not what I was expecting from the highly advertised preseason previews. You "learn" how to get away with murder... technically... but the show focuses way more on the peer-to-peer drama and suspense of an upcoming (HTGAWM utilizes a flashforward time sequence) murder as well as a current murder mystery. If you are looking for a CourtTV worthy show then steer clear, but if Scandal-like drama is what your into step right up to #TGIT.

Photos from E! Online

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Little Obsession: "90 Days" by Bicyclette Boutique

Back in the beginning of my blogging days I mentioned that I am not a fan of YouTube, and it's worth mentioning again. The endless stream of cat snippets and DIY tutorials on any video sharing social media has yet to capture my undivided attention, but it seems like I might have a change of heart in the near future thanks to Bicyclette. Somehow I happened upon Bicyclette Boutique's Vimeo channel a few weeks ago and found its short film 90 Days. The film was originally uploading over a year ago and documents the beautifully bohemian development of a summertime romance (Note all of the flower crowns and man buns). As the couple goes through the first 90 days of their relationship, from the first date to their discussion of the 90 day mark, you get to see a modern day fairytale unfold. In just 8 short minutes, the great minds behind 90 Days present a fun, relatable story of "young love" with great outfits on all of the characters throughout the entire film. This video was made in collaboration with Bicyclette, one of my favorite online boutiques at the moment, so the cute clothes are to be expected. So what are you waiting for?! I've already watched it eight times so now it's your turn. And don't forget to tell me what you think -- modern day Romeo and Juliet minus the death?? Or maybe some other type of indie love story... Thoughts?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Charmed and Dangerous

lindsey crafter, upcycled jewelry, rugged wearhouse, boy and girl loafers, color theory bracelet, rue21, rue 21, aztec skirt
lindsey crafter, color theory bracelet, upcycled jewelry, rue21, rue 21, aztec skirt, contrast piping loafers, boy girl chiara loafers
lindsey crafter, color theory bracelet, old navy, beaded slip dress, love is ring
lindsey crafter, upcycled jewelry, color theory bracelet, betsey johnson, sparkle sequin star loafers
lindsey crafter color thepry bracelet, hartland brooklyn, pineapple, mara mi, upcycled jewelry
If you've been a reader for any period of time you probably know that I love Instagram more than I'll probably ever love my first born child. I use it to find new brands to obsess over, connect with other bloggers and business owners, and share small pieces of my day-to-day with my followers. I follow dozens of small businesses on Instagram and screenshot all of my "likes" so that I can go back and cyber stock the people and brands that posted each picture. Lindsey McCord, the artist behind Lindsey Crafter, has a dozen pictures of her upcycled jewelry designs on her Instagram account so it's no surprise that after finding one of her posts I went full on creep mode and stocked her Insta account to find all of her designs. But the party didn't stop there. Once I visited her website I officially became Lindsey Crafter obsessed. There were almost twice as many beaded bracelet designs in her shop section as there were on her Instagram. 

All of the Lindsey Crafter jewelry pieces sold have a mix of beads, tassels, and puff balls in a gamut of colors, textures, and sizes. Originally I received the turquoise accented bracelet, but once I found out Lindsey was hosting a buy one get one free sale two weeks ago I bought the navy, gold, and aqua designs from her Instagram feed and picked the Victorian style orange and purple color theory bracelet to be free. Each bracelet (especially the Victorian-esque design!) is SO much prettier on person and looks incredible by itself or stacked with the others. The eclectic mix of pink discs and multicolored beads on the first bracelet are perfect for a bohemian, earth-y style. The navy, gold, and aqua design fits with a minimalistic, sleek personality and goes really well with embellished outfit pieces like this beaded slip dress I bought over fall break. The Victorian style color theory bracelet is the jack of all trades with orange square beads, a bright blue puff ball charm, a neon yellow bead, a series of small white disks stacked on top of each other, a bead made of cork, and a rhinestone accent. With my ever changing style I love that each bracelet has it's own distinct theme while still being an incredibly curated mix of upcycled, mix-n-match beads and details. Next on my Lindsey Crafter wishlist are the Geo-Bead Tassel Strand necklace and the silver and pastel pink beaded color theory bracelet that has a black and white accent bead and an orange puff ball charm.

Which Lindsey Crafter designs are your favorite?

faux leather jacket: Rue 21; aztec skirt: Rue 21; opalite wire ring: Autumn Rose Jewellery; beaded slip dress: Old Navy; sequin star loafers: Betsey Johnson; pineapple greeting card: Hartland Brooklyn c/o; beaded bracelets (clockwise): Lindsey Crafter navy/gold/aqua design, Lindsey Crafter Victorian style color theory design c/o, Lindsey Crafter turquoise accented design c/o.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Pastel Outerwear For Fall Weather

Yeah, yeah, yeah... Pastels are for spring and earth tones are for fall. Well, obviously I've thrown that stereotype out the window because my bright pastel blazer has been added to my fall lineup of outerwear. I'm not over the moon about distressed (or should I say destroyed because those jeans are... yikes), but I'm getting into the ripped denim trend slowly but surely. This glamorous outfit originally styled with a mint peacoat, bright oink heels, aviator sunglasses and a cropped hairdo has been spun to my own liking with a Phillip Lim Pashli crossbody bag and long, wavy locks. I will admit that the original look makes me really miss my short hair, but I also love the sassiness that goes along with a curtain of voluminous hair. Wearing pastels in fall is already pushing the boundaries, but adding a statement necklace seals the deal on an outgoing look. My beaded necklace from (r-ki-tekt) is one of my go-to statement pieces that turns heads whenever I add it to an outfit. Finish off the look with $10 two-and-a-half inch heels and a thin, indigo beaded bracelet and you've created this simple, showstopping look.

blazer: Kensie; sunglasses: Coach; necklace: (r-ki-tekt); bracelet: Emma FlHair

Photo from Pinterest

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pinspiration: OUTFITS

Probably my most used board on Pinterest and my favorite to browse through for a daily dose of inspiration is my pinboard titled "Outfits." It is the epitome of all things glamorous and gorgeous, wardrobe wise, as well as unobtainable and unsuspectingly tantalizing. I fully submerge myself in inspiration when the urge strikes me, but I cannot deny the fact that the outfits on Pinterest make me sad knowing I will never have the opportunity to adorn myself in the exact garments I see gliding across my screen. Army green cargo pants, a donut printed sweatshirt, and a bright orange feathered shawl are not items I'm particularly looking out for on my impromptu shopping escapades. Neither are a metallic pleated skirt, ruffle layered white dress, and flower embellished peasant blouse. Regardless, even if I did own every piece featured throughout the magnificence that is my Outfits pinboard there is no way I would be able to pull them off with the style and grace every Pinterest model seems to possess. I am no Blake Lively or Emma Watson. I was not meant to strut my stuff down my own personal runway (virtual or otherwise) in such extravagant clothing. SO that begs the question: is Pinterest merely a source of distant inspiration never meant to be replicated? Despite my past 7 sentences, I think Pinterest is the unofficial closet of every fashion enthusiast in America. In theory I couldn't see myself sporting any of these outfits to the grocery store or a soccer game in my small, rural town. But if I were truly given a chance to add every piece of each one of these outfits to my closet I would be over the moon. But like I said, this is all in theory -- hypothetical. Who has time to waste on hypothetical when there are over 100 pins sitting in my "Outfits" pinboard waiting to be oggled?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Nail Art On The Block

loveis_, love is cross earrings, ombre nails, pink, harper designs, britter and jo, dalmatian jasper, wire wrapped bangles, fall, nail art, popular
nail art, trust fund beauty, kate spade new york, things we love, ksny, nailart, elegantly wasted
trust fund beauty, china glaze, texture nail polish, nail art, polka dots, black and white
lindsey crafter color theory bracelet, nail art, evil eye, third eye, ksny, things we love, nailart
This month I've scaled back a bit on my nail art designs and decided to go the more tradition route. I am incredibly partial to pink nail polish so my first manicure made use of the numerous shades of rose I have stashed away in my nail art pouch. In true fall season spirit I took the five best shades and created an ombre effect to go with my dalmatian jasper and princess pink bangles as well as my Love Is cross earrings in bronze. Sticking with the simple theme, I tried out Trust Fund Beauty's vegan, 5-free nail polish in "Elegantly Wasted" with my 14k gold crucifix. Trust Fund Beauty polishes are inspired by the inner rich b**** in all of us and a 14k gold piece of nail jewelry definitely fits in with Trust Fund Beauty's Paris Hilton-esque lifestyle. Next, I kept it classic with a black and white messy polka dot design created by China Glaze's texture nail polish in black and a creamy white lacquer called "Blow" by Trust Fund Beauty. The formula for both "Elegantly Wasted" and "Blow" runs a little bit thin even though the pigment goes on so richly with just 2 coats. My current nails are quite the departure from the traditional looks I've been wearing on my nails all month. I combined an evil eye inspired design and a solid white coat with a black and purple checked design and Ciate glitter to make the melting pot of designs I'm wearing now. Enough solid space to keep a girl sane, but just the right amount of crazy to keep it all fun.

pink nail polishes: Pretty Please color #24, Essie, Ciate from The Dollhouse Collection, Ciate from The Dollhouse collection; lilac nail polish: Trust Fund Beauty c/o; gold nail art jewelry: Hex Nail Jewelry; black nail polish: China Glaze; white nail polish: Trust Fund Beauty c/o; nail glitter: Ciate; bracelet: Lindsey Crafter

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Thoughts On Life... And Gourmet Burgers

The truth about life is...

...this photo is from the very first outfit post I ever wrote on this little blog of mine (and the second blog post I ever wrote, period).

...I am way too scared/ashamed to go back and read what I wrote for my first outfit post but am also really curious about what grand things I had to say back then.

...I've spent the past 3 weeks vowing to get completely caught up on blog scheduling and planning yet I'm still super behind on all things blog related.

...I'm officially obsessed with Bicyclette Boutique and Random Acts Of Pastel's on going collab!

...Plus, Bicyclette's vimeo channel is my newest source of inspiration

...that I've wanted to start a series about my "minor confessions" for over 6 months.

... in fact, that's what my Blogger Confessions series was originally intended to be (as inspired by one of my all time favorites, Brass Honey!) craving for gourmet burgers and Greek pizza has been at a record high since Saturday afternoon.

...thinking about what my blog will transform into once I am a college student scares me and excites me so so so much! Great things, my friends, great things ;)


Monday, October 20, 2014

The Vault Files Style Guide: Ladylike Jackets

I faces a harsh reality this morning when I had to get up for school. I've been on break for so long I almost forgot that I'd have to go back eventually. Suffice to say, taking 17 days off in the middle of the semester definitely has it's downsides. However, the biggest issue I faced this morning was not gifting my internal alarm clock or rushing to get my hair and makeup done in my allotted 15 minutes. It was the cold air that hit me like a ton a bricks on my way out the door. I forgot how cold it could get at 6:45 in the morning in the middle of a Tennesseean October. The good news is that I can now pull out all of the cardigans and ladylike jackets I've had stored away since last fall. With just an added piece of cloth draped over my typical attire I can not only stay warm but also look significantly better dressed than the girls sitting/standing next to me. But just like most great fashion pieces, the ladylike jacket can be customized to fit the style and daily demands of the lucky lady that chooses to embraces it. Years ago The Vault Files blog created a guide to the six primary ways to style and wear a ladylike jacket. Their guide has stood the test of time (which we all know is a true accomplishment in this fickle fashion world) so feast your eyes and take some notes because I have a feeling the ladylike jacket will be your new best friend.

Photo from The Vault Files
Outfits from Zara, J. Crew, Atlantic Pacific, J. Crew, Topshop on Pinterest, and 9 to 5 Chic respectively 

Friday, October 17, 2014

So You Don't Know What To Wear On Halloween?

Halloween is in exactly two weeks and if you're like me you've been thinking about what you're going to wear. Is girl every to old to dress up for Halloween? I don't know for sure so this year I'm going to meet in the middle with a few accessories that hint at a celebration of the costumed holiday without dressing head to toe in a pirate uniform or overexposed nurse outfit. As it is fall and scarves are an understood staple in the breezy weather I've thrown a black cat printed scarf into my Halloween outfit this year. I am incredibly scared of all types of cats, but as a superstitious symbol and October 31st tradition this scarf is perfect. Being festive at work can seem a little restricted but this scarf from Love Unstoppable is an easy way to show your spooky spirit without seeming like a witch with a cauldron. And if you're not so into the obvious Halloween theme I've also added banana earrings from Little April Showers Jewellery to my repertoire. When I first saw them on her website I immediately thought of Carmen Miranda which is an easy, go-to costume if you do choose to dress up. Her signature fruit basket headpiece and colorful attire can be represented by just a single pair of bright banana earrings. But let's say you're not going to work or maybe you're not going to school. What do you do then when you want to be Halloween appropriate without taking it entirely too far in a full on costume? Well you can always slip on a headpiece and take on a persona. A beret is pretty much made for this type of occasion for anyone not in France and fedoras with feathers have no place in the world except the days surrounding Halloween. My favorite of head accessories is a Great Gatsby style hair pin with bedazzled jewels and feathers worn with a demure updo. Give Daisy a run for her money and sport an intricate hair pin for the day. And if you're going to a Halloween themed party after hours just slip on a sequin midi dress or a satin slip and you're ready prepared for a Gatsby style get together.

cat scarf: Love Unstoppable c/o; banana earrings: Little April Showers; headpiece: one-of-a-kind handmade piece

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pinspiration: Humor Me

Completely unrelated to fashion but entirely full of giggles, my "Humor Me" pinboard is probably the most ignored while also being the most underrated. Have I mentioned I have a very serious fear of cats? Well I do. However, these pictures of Grumpy Cat strategically placed in influential scenes throughout popular Disney movies is priceless. My personal favorites are The Little Mermaid and Beauty and The Beast with the Lion King coming in a very close third place. All of the other selected pins center around women (unintentionally, I might add) and their stereotypical behavior. After spending weeks being a teacher's assistant in a kindergarten and first grade class, the picture of the two girls reacting to their dinosaur discovery is as accurate as it gets. And the constant debate between to smile at an insult or stab the living daylight out of the offender is forever real so the two southern belles in the top right corner raise a valid point. Laughter is the best medicine so induge, my friends! Plus I stand by the fact that I DO NOT fart and will stand by this claim until I'm lying in my grave so Mr. Snark-E-Card, you might have something going for ya. Anyone else share this personal belief? Let me know in the comments and we'll share a little laugh together.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lookbook Inspo

lookbook, wildfox couture, riff raff, bicyclette boutique, sophia webster, outfit inspiration, fall, spring, winter, summer, s/s, a/w
Happy Humpday, lovelies! This mid-October Wednesday calls for a quadruple dose of shopping inspiration from some of the best lookbooks -- old and new -- around. These looks come straight from Bicyclette Boutique, Riff Raff, Wildfox Couture, and Sophia Webster so brace yourselves for the overwhelming (but entirely welcome!) amounts of whimsical, girls-night-in, winter wonderland, summer lovin', jungle-esque, and floral fested images to follow. Yesterday I took advantage of my free weekday to explore my local Historic District and visit my favorite boutiques. Being surrounded by such amazing clothing and accessories kicked my hunger for fashion inspiration into overdrive so on behalf of every thirsting fashionista: have a happy Humpday and feast your eyes on these glamorous images.

lookbook, sophia webster, wildfox couture, riff raff, bicyclette boutique, a/w, s/s, summer, winter, fall, spring, outfit inspiration
summer, spring, fall, winter, sophia webster, wildfox couture, riff raff, bicyclette boutique, outfit inspiration, a/w, s/s
bicyclette boutique, sophia webster, riff raff, wildfox couture, a/w, s/s, spring, fall, winter, summer, outfit inspiration
sophia webster, bicyclette boutique, wildfox couture, riff raff, summer, fall, winter, spring, a/w, s/s, outfit inspiration
wildfox couture, bicyclette boutique, riff raff, sophia webster, a/w, s/s, outfit inspiration, spring, winter, summer, fall
summer, winter, fall, spring, a/w, s/s, sophia webster, bicyclette boutique, riff raff, wildfox couture
sophia webster, riff raff, wildfox couture, bicyclette boutique, outfit inspiration, spring, fall, winter, summer, a/w, s/s
sophia webster, riff raff, bicyclette couture, wildfox couture, spring, fall, winter, summer, outfit inspiration, a/w, s/s
bicyclette boutique, sophia webster, riff raff, wildfox couture, spring summer, fall, winter, a/w, s/s, outfit inspiration
sophia webster, summer, fall, winter, spring, wildfox couture, bicyclette boutique, riff raff, a/w, s/s, outfit inspiration
riff raff, bicyclette boutique, wildfox couture, spring, winter, fall, summer, outfit inspiration, a/w, s/s
bicyclette boutique, sophia webster, riff raff, wildfox couture, summer, fall, winter, spring, outfit inspiration
wildfox couture, riff raff, sophia webster, bicyclette boutique, spring, fall, winter, summer, outfit inspiration, a/w, s/s
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