Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What's In My [School] Bag

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stay focused pencil case, bando,, shopbando, agenda, sassy stickers etsy shop, kate spade floral mini notebook, black crown pencil
      School supplies shopping is undoubtedly one of the best parts August and September especially when it's all done online. I skipped the crazy parents and lines at Target and Walmart for school and office supplies opting to order almost everything online to get even cuter items this year. Shopping online from small businesses always has the benefit of supporting a lifestyle and economy of entrepreneurial America, but a great bonus is having fun products that no one else has and everyone raves about whenever you pull them out of your purse or backpack.

      The absolute best product I've bought this year is my agenda that I've been obsessing over since I got it. Up until recently I'd never been much of an uber-organized planner-type girl, but the majorly coveted agenda was too cute to pass up and I haven't regretted it one bit. I've been 10x more organized since I started using it and I ordered a bunch of stickers from the Sassy Stickers Etsy shop to add to the pages for fun little reminders and embellishments. I also keep a floral Kate Spade mini notebook in the back folder of planner for all of college application due dates and university stats that I'll be using throughout the overwhelming college applying process.

       My "Gentle Reminders" pencils from Amanda Catherine Designs and "Sweet Talk" pens have been cute conversation starters. Be stylish. Be charming. Be SMART. Be kind. Just enough motivation to get you through those last 15 minutes of class. My black pencils topped with gold crowns can be incredibly inconvenient without an eraser but the super sleek Kardashian/Jenner-esque design makes them so worth it.

      As a little side reading I picked up my copy of Seventeen's Guide To Getting Into College for a little guidance for the obviously impending decisions I'll soon be making. Even though I've gone through it a dozen times each chapter makes me equal parts excited and nervous. Along with Seventeen's Guide I always carry around my set of keys with me, I would be the one to leave my keys at home for just one day and that happens to be the day I get locked out so I put all of my keys on a cute Coach keychain in their signature Legacy print. All of my other random extra trinkets are kept in my vintage leather pouch that I use as an all-purpose purse organizer and wallet. It helps when I have an impromptu outfit change and need to switch purses or backpacks super quickly without dumping everything out.

      I'm already on the look out for all of the school supplies I'll be ordering for my first year of college and the office supplies I'll be using when I enter the professional world in a few short months. Cute supplies always makes getting the job done 2x easier so what office and school supplies brands do you love and what did you buy this year?