Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Best Time To Shop: Second Edition

If you haven't already read my first guide for the best time to shop you should probably take a couple minutes and read the little tidbits of information about the best time to buy swimwear, perfume, and pajamas. If you have already read it then snaps for you for reading one of my beginning blogger posts because even I cringe when I see some of my first blog articles (side note/fun fact: the first edition of The Best Time To Shop was my first ever article to be chosen for IFB's Links a la Mode.) For part deux I'm going to take a quick dip into the waters of 1) Linens, 2) Hair Care Products, and 3) Planners and Agendas.

Linens: I have only purchased linens on one occasion and that is on a late Thursday afternoon in the spring after spending an entire day watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and obsessing over their uber luxe black and creme themed bedrooms. I made a quick trip to Walmart and purchased the black fitted sheet I could find (at the time I thought I didn't care about thread count. Turns out I actually really do) which resulted in my buying a 200 thread count $13 Walmart brand sheet for my bed. Since then I've discovered a plethora of bedding options in a variety of thread counts, fabrics, patterns, and prices, but the one thing that's pretty consistent is that Black Friday has crazy good deals for any type of sheets. Every year when I'm standing in line for hours and hours waiting on an Xbox 360 or the newest RockBand I see a line snaking around whatever department or specialty store I happen to be in leading straight to the linens aisle. Savings up to 85% are totally worth the long lines and intense chaos when it means great sheets.

organix argain oil shampoo and conditionar, cheap hair care products, good prices
Hair Care Products: The beginning of summer and the beginning of winter. Simple. You know all of those commercials you see advertising shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products that fight against the harsh extremes of the heat or cold? Those are strategically released to give you the product you want when you need it. Though it seems like hair care companies are always releasing new products at arbitrary times throughout the year, they spend a significant part of their year planning entire collections around the idea that the summer and winter are the times when your hair needs their products most. So you can bet that a lot of their time and energy has gone into those pre-season products you see on the shelves.

ban.do agenda, bando party dots, shop bando, party house, when to buy a bando agenda, when to purchase a 17 month planner
Planners and Agendas: In the case of Ban.do agendas this year, if you didn't purchase one within two weeks of their pre-order release on line you were fresh out of luck when it came to getting your hands on one for the 2014-15 edition. But for every other case you can put your hope in the fact that whatever agenda you've had your eye on will be available months after its release. That's why December is the best month to buy 17 month agendas even if you run on a typical 12 month schedule. If you're out of school you probably don't think of your years as August-May, but rather January-December so by buying a "school year" calender several months after it's been released you get the discounted price since you technically lost the first 5 months of use even though you plan on only using the remaining 12 months for the calendar year.

Photo from We Heart It