Tuesday, September 2, 2014

(R-ki-tekt) & Little April Showers Jewellery in ATL

rkitekt, (rkitekt), (r-ki-tekt), joujou beaded geometric necklace
It's already September and it feels like it's still May. I'm still in denial that I'm living the last year of my high school career leaving me incredibly behind on all my school work and college prep. I've spent an ungodly amount of time trying to embrace every fun thing that comes my way (i.e. football games, club events, mini vacations, novels that have been on my To Read list for months, and every episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians). Of course happy mail days are always a part of the fun and just before I went on my spending freeze for the semester I ordered the JouJou Geometric Beaded necklace from (r-ki-tekt) and I absolutely fell in love. I wore it for the entire week when it arrived in the mail and every compliment I got each time I walked in a room made me love it even more. I eventually became so obsessed that I created a new header design (which, btw, was sooo much more work than I was expecting) with it for A Glamorous Revelation.

LIttle april showers jewellery, mallard duck ring, quirky jewelry
One of the best part about the end of summer/beginning of fall is the amazing mixture of weather. I spend half of my days drowning in heat and the other half covered in gallons of rain. Okay, well the mixture isn't that great, but on the plus side I finally got all of the pieces I've been wanting from the UK based quirky jewelry brand Little April Showers Jewellery. Of all the pieces I ordered and loved I was a bit skeptical about this Mallard duck ring, but I've been able to pull it off with even my more "sophisticated" outfits without it looking absolutely ridiculous.

Part of embracing all of the fun that comes along was the mini vacation I went on this past Labor Day weekend to Atlanta. While I was there I visited a handful of family friends and relatives I hadn't seen in a while and one of the houses I went to had an unexpectedly abstract coffee table that I loved. I probably couldn't pull off such a center piece in my future home so its always nice to see a little flavor when it comes to home decor.

The highlight of my weekend was sitting down in front of the portable piano at a family friends house and learning a simple song or two. I played the piano for a couple of years when I started elementary school and seeing what I could remember was a super fun bonus to my Atlanta trip. The weekend ended on a good note (no pun intended :)) and this week is scheduled to be a good one for the blog, work, and school. I can't wait for you all to see the greatness that I've got up my sleeve for AGR,