Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pinspiration: BOTTOMS

Gone are the days where every fabulous top I own is paired with one of the many pairs of jeans I have sitting in my closet. For far too long I believed that a "killer outfit" consisted of an incredible shirt... and a pair of dark blue denim jeans. It wasn't a conscious decision, but every picture I look at the featured me in one of my signature favorite outfits was really just a picture of me in a great top and jeans. Fortunately, I now sing to a different tune and spend the majority of my days in dresses and skirts. And even when I throw on a pair of jeans I feel the distinct grunge/rockabilly style that the fabric once represented. A healthy mix of dark denim, frilly skater skirts, and patterned shorts never hurt anybody. I've dedicated my entire Pinterest board titled "Bottoms" to all of the glamorous pieces that'd fit with the already extensive range of tops I have in my closet. Polka dot and patchwork jeans along with sequin joggers, floral midis, and printed shorts create enough spice to kick my wardrobe up a couple notches and still be sane enough to wear on the daily. And even if it's a bit over the top life is short -- wear sequins.