Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pinspiration: Accessories & Under Things

miley cyrus, lingerie, kitsch hair ties, pink lips telephone, kate spade tortoise shell thick frames, sunglasses
lace fringe scarf, free people, burgundy hat, urban outfitter, j'adore iphone case, diy tie dye clutch bobbi pins, shopbando, bando, vintage knickers, floral underwear, red lips cuff links, gentleman, above the knee socks, how to style knee high socks
Let me welcome you by saying, "Doesn't Miley Cyrus look great in lingerie." (note the slight sarcasm). This photo was obviously taken pre-rebellion since new Miley would have shunned such an excessive amount of clothing. Though I'm not one to advice wearing Miley's outfit or any similar outfit out of your house, I like the fact that it's an unintentional mesh of the two very distinct Mileys the world has come to know.
I also have an unhealthy preference to tortoise shell when it comes to eyewear and those Kate Spade frames are no exclusion.
Thankfully it's almost time for sweater weather because even though I love all the seasons after week 8 or 9 of summer I get antsy thinking about new scarves and hats like the ones here.
However, the downside of colder weather is the inability to wear above the knee skirts without practically freezing to death. I've tried the school girl inspired above-the-knee sock trend but it looks 10x better on Pinterest than it ever will on me.
And who doesn't love a pair of high wastered knickers. Vintage-y undergarments remind me of the opening scene of The Devil Wears Prada and anything that even slightly hints at one of my all time favorite movies gets a mark of approval in my book.

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