Monday, September 22, 2014

Oh Joy! Styled Denim Sketches

The Denim Shirt (A.K.A. The Chambray): My search for the perfect chambray top continues on, but in the mean time I've taken to the styling sketches of Oh Joy!'s head of house Joy Cho for ideas and tips on how to style it. I'm probably the only girl left in the fashion world who doesn't own a chambray shirt so I don't doubt these ideas will come in handy for you more than they will for me. Though I'll likely pass on the scalloped clutch, the idea of adding a colorful belt, a breezy skirt, striped shorts, and/or patterned flats to a chambray centered outfit sounds like my kind of style.

The Denim Overalls: When the overall trend first came about I wasn't too thrilled about resurrecting my childhood nightmare (or go-to outfit, depending on exactly what part of my childhood we're talking about). But it didn't take me long to realize that denim overalls are mush more fashionable than I ever gave them credit for. Joy's suggestion for a glitter headband goes without saying because just about every semi-casual outfit looks great with a sparkling headpiece. Bonus points if you add more bling around your neck with a chain necklace (or a choker if you're feeling daring). Top it all of with a straw bag, if that's your cup of tea. I never jumped on the straw bag  bandwagon so I'll use a structured shoulder bag as a suitable alternative.

The Denim Vest: The last of the looks features the all too convenient denim vest. I love the entire look and the lack of commitment needed to pull off a denim vest makes this trend even more appealing. A chambray shirt and denim overalls require a great love of denim since it will be the dominant fabric throughout the outfit, but with vests denim takes a step back and acts as a complimentary fabric to all of the other pieces within the outfit. This specific look Joy has created features a sequined collar that I can't help but imagine being interchangeable with a Mignonne Gavigan necklace scarf. Add in a patterned clutch that could easily be a Nila Anthony original, a pair of bright heels, and one of hundreds of quirky tees you could buy from the best t-shirt shops on the internet.

Photos from Oh Joy!