Friday, September 5, 2014

Juicy Couture For Kohl's

I am a HUGE fan of Juicy Couture, pre- and post- Pam and Gela. Juicy Couture played a huge part in the beginning stages of my love affair with the fashion industry and I've always held a special place for it in my heart. With everything that's been going on with the Juicy Couture label the past few years I've been worried about what would happen to my beloved brand while hoping and praying they wouldn't completely close up shop. If you haven't been following the progress (or decline, if you will) of Juicy Couture then you probably weren't hit with the sequence of bad news regarding the brand throughout the past several months, First it was being sold yet again to another fashion company hoping to bring it back to its previous glory, then it was announced that all Juicy stores would be closing in the United States by the end of July, and as the cherry on top it was finally announced that the brand's next venture would be to collaborate with Kohl's... KOHL'S...

Every press release I read announcing the collaboration made me madder and madder as well as sadder and sadder. I had mixed feelings about the whole concept and most of my thoughts were along the lines of "What has become of you, oh my beloved child?" and "Kohl's?!? For goodness's sake, why Kohl's?!" That is, until I actually saw the full collection on The collection eliminates the high end ready-to-wear pieces from the Juicy Couture of yesteryear (think silk floral tank tops and patent leather skater skirts) and is simply an extension of the Juicy Couture aesthetic made known during the Pam and Gela/Early 2000's velour tracksuit era. In fact some of the pieces look like they came right off of I can't speak for the quality since I haven't seen any of the items in person, but aesthetically speaking Juicy Couture by Kohl's has the glamour and relaxed style of the original Juicy Couture brand. If you would've told me two months ago that I would actually buy or even like anything from the collaboration I would have laughed in your face and been slightly offended. Now I'm planning a trip across town to see my 3 favorite pieces from the collection, the "Juicy" cropped hoodie, the Greta flap crossbody bag, and the Claire buckle messenger bag in Iridescent Pewter in person and decide if they really are worth the plunge to the dark side.

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