Monday, September 1, 2014

5 Brands To Know This Fall

Cozy sweaters and knit scarves are signs of Fall just as much as red and gold leaves and cooler temperatures are. Living in Oklahoma for 15 years I never experienced a true autumn season, but here in Tennessee fall is by far the prettiest time of year. Plus fall means Christmas is just around the corner so finding the perfect gift is on the back of your mind. These 5 brands transition flawlessly into fall weather straight out of the summer heat and will have all of your friends asking "Where'd you get that?". Read up and get your fingers ready to click click click (Cows That Type, anyone...?) away.

Nahui Ollin handbags, wristlets, and keychains are all made out off candy wrappers. Olga Abadi, the founder of Nahui Ollin, discovered the ancient Mayan technique of folding small pieces of paper together to create material and created a brand that sells women's goods made of candy wrapper materials. Each product is made by hand and all of the wrappers they use come from the candy factories that made them. When wrappers are misprinted they are usually thrown out and end up in landfills, but Nahui Ollin steps in to reuse their wrappers and make them into accessories that help the environment. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Margot Elena is the parent brand behind the four sub-brands Tokyo Milk, Love + Toast, Lollia, and Library Of Flowers. Each Brand features luxury fragrances in a mix of product types from candles, body butters, lip balms, and solid parfum. Tokyo Milk runs deep with old English royalty inspiration and Love + Toast expresses a love for natural, vegan friendly range of body care products. Lollia (the most popular of the Margot Elena collection) offers not only bath and body products but home decor and sleepwear as well (think duvets, chemises, camisoles, and robes). Library Of Flowers, the newest of the bunch, designs all of it's fragrances from a simple top, middle, and base note layering technique. Every scent from Library Of Flowers is created by three distinct floral fragrances and layered one on top of the other to make a signature scent. Not only are all four brands just as perfect for fall as they are for spring, but they also each have gift sets you can purchase as a holiday present for a friend or co-worker.

Love Is is a jewelry brand made from all vegan materials. Inspired by the leather cuffs and animal based jewelry currently in style Raquel, the creator of Love Is, decided to start a business that provides environmental conscious and vegan jewelry lovers with trendy pieces to wear. Each piece from Love Is can be worn year round but Raquel's preference for bronze metal rather than silver or gold for most of her designs makes her jewelry exceptionally fit for fall. All of her pieces are made by hand and can be customized to accommodate whatever it is you need. And not only does she have a selection of jewelry on Etsy, but she has even more designs on her Instagram that you can purchase directly by requesting a Paypal invoice in the comments.

Packed Party has made gift giving easier than ever. I'm a fan of gift baskets rather than a singular gift and now there's a company that has a selection of gift baskets for almost every occasion. Packed Party curates boxes of fun products to celebrate whatever event or gift giving circumstance you have. They have themed boxes like "Pity Party," "The Bridesmaid,",\ "Thanks (x A Million)," and "You Don't Need Him Anyway" that you can purchase and have sent directly to whomever is in need of a Packed Party. Each package has 4-5 items and you can see just what's going to be in the parcel you send. No more last minute scrambling or trying to figure out what gift you should get the girl in the cubicle next to you.

More handmade goodies! FlyChicks Handmade sells cloth and leather totes, clutches, wristlets, and crossbodies all made by hand (just in case the name FlyChicks HANDMADE didn't give it away...) by two sisters, Hannah and Emily. All of their designs feature at least two different patterns/fabrics and you can mix and patch any of the fabrics they carry. I particularly love their collection of stripes and floral mixed prints. The bold prints make pattern mixing seem easy and add a fun alternative to the tradition dulled tones of fall. For any of you who like a two-in-one purse or a piece bag that transitions from day to night then the FlyChicks Handmade crossbody is meant for you. Every crossbody comes with a removable strap and they even have a collection of foldover clutches that come with a strap you can attach for a hands free outfit or remove for a cute oversized clutch. The possibilities are endless with FlyChicks Handmade.

Photos by respective brands