Friday, September 12, 2014

15 Graphic T-Shirts To Buy Now

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Graphic tees are a godsend for those casual Fridays when you want to look relaxed and effortless without diminishing your style. T-shirts are the fundamental basics that lay the foundation for an all-purpose closet that'll be able to dress you at your every whim. Nylon Magazine has an entire shop section on their website that has tons and tons of cheeky graphic tees. From the Cara Delevingne endorsed "I Met God. She's Black" tee to the pop culture and fashion designer references splattered across the rest of their tees I've come to love Nylon Magazine more than I did before. Beyond Nylon there are dozens of shops offering a selection of graphic t-shirts for a range of prices. Some of the best tees and tanks I've seen lately have been from Etsy, Instagram, and small shops online so without further ado here are 15 graphic tees you should go and buy now from around the internet.

ONE: Love Unstoppable is currently going through a remodel of their shop, but luckily one thing that's staying is their "Know Your Worth" tee. I major message shared in a simple way perfect for mini moments of activism.

TWO: As someone who is a Real Housewives maniac I am obsessed with this glamorous spin on the popular Wifey fad.

THREE: A Beyonce inspired t-shirt. What more can I say? Flawless.

FOUR: Not only is the lined up lipsticks a super cute idea, but the design was done by one of my favorite illustrators, Queeni Kathleeni. Her work is always amazing.

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FIVE: We Blow Kisses is one of my new favorite brands on Instagram. Just a little more than a month old, We Blow Kisses sells graphic tees with simple word and phrases of encouragement in watercolor styled font. I love watercolor inspired fonts and the simple, chic design of each shirt that is either slouchy or fitted (I get pretty particular about the fit of my graphic tees so I love that they tell you the fit of each one) is perfect for everything I look for in a t-shirt. And just like the t-shirt above, most styles come in short and long sleeves.

SIX: You'd be lying if you said this thought didn't cross your mind on an almost weekly bases. Now you can have a t-shirt to wear every time you go shopping with that one friend who always reminds you about your budget and the rent you know you'll eventually have to pay. It's pretty much the glamorous version of pretty please with a cherry on top.

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SEVEN: To be fair, I spotted this "Nobody Said It Was Easy" t-shirt before the Queeni Kathleeni version. I love the idea of mascara wands (because, honestly, perfectly coated, long, voluminous eyelashes are harder to get than winged eyeliner). Obviously I love them both and you could get both. Pick your poison. And have a little snap-snap dance party once you order.

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EIGHT: This graphic tee plays up your undying love for Mr. Darcy that Jane Austen fans can't resist. Pride and Prejudice isn't just for your high school English class any more. Channel your inner Mrs. Darcy with this heathered tee made by the ever-so-popular Wildfox Couture.

Image of Ru Paul For President Tee, ru paul's drag race, wacky wacko
NINEWhether you're into drag or not you've got to admit that Ru Paul is a seriously fierce individual. Wacky Wacko shows their appreciation for the world famous drag queen with this scratchpad style Ru Paul For President graphic tee. And if Ru Paul's future campaign tee isn't quite you're cup of tea, but you're still into the weirder side of things then I'd bet that Wacky Wacko has plenty more graphic tees you'll love.

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TEN: Putting positivity into the world is such an important part of life and this bestselling t-shirt from Mindy Mae's Market is a glamorous way to do just that. Kindness is always stylish. One of my favorite quotes as of late is "be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle," and it has been floating around Instagram and Twitter lately, especially since the death of Robin Williams. "Kindness is always stylish" is simply a fashionable alternative to a really important phrase. Trends come and go, but kindness lasts forever.

ELEVEN: For the lovers of lipstick: this t-shirt is an exclusive design by the Etsy shop Yeah Bunny and all of their items are limited edition and won’t be restocked. One of my favorites from their newest collection is this lipstick patterned black tee. I’m usually a little hesitant about all over patterns because they can be hard to style into an outfit but the couture lipstick illustrations and black background make this shirt a little more versatile for your wardrobe.

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TWELVE: Feeding off of the “Know Your Worth," "Perfection <3," and “Kindness is always Stylish” tees, here’s another t-shirt that has a great message. When I first saw Le Motto's designs I vaguely remembered seeing them in an outfit post or boutique before. Then I realized they made the t-shirt from one of the style blog posts I loved way back when in June! Le Motto’s entire collection of graphic tees and sweatshirts feature phrases like “accept more; judge less,” “more gratitude; less attitude,” “more humanity; less cruelty,” and “more elegance; less arrogance.” This one is one of my favorites and each design come in at least 5 different colors so you can pair each phrase with the perfect color.

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THIRTEEN: Who doesn't love a great slow-paced Sunday? Wildfox Couture has a ton of vintage inspired graphic tees so naturally more than one of their t-shirts would be on the list. I originally saw this tee on Bicyclette Boutiques Instagram feed, but they haven’t gotten them in stock yet so you have to order directly from the Wildfox website.

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FOURTEEN: You’re probably familiar with the Sincerely Jules fashion blog and if you’re a fan then you should definitely check out her apparel line. She designs a collection of cute graphic tees that have been featured in Instyle and Glamour Magazine.  This graphic tee is one of her Bisous designs which means “kisses” in French.

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FIFTEEN: I am most definitely a #PolishGirl so this graphic tee (also from Yeah Bunny!) is perfect. I have a mini obsession with nail art and I'll take any opportunity to express that obsession beyond the 10 little canvases on the ends of my fingers.

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