Tuesday, September 23, 2014

12 Internet Posts I Loved This Month

tips, thrift shopping, vintage, goodwill, the glitter guide
The Glitter Guide: Five tips for successful thrift shopping for the newbie thrifter or just about anyone who's interested in upping their thrifting game.

Elisfa: No makeup is becoming the new makeup and Marc Jacobs's S/S runway show at New York Fashion Week made it official. Here's a quick analysis of the new trend.

django unchained, daniele watts, refinery29, refinery 29, racism in america, police brutality, pda, public affection, white supremacy
Refinery29: Racial profiling has become such an issue within America that reading this story about Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts being unlawfully arrested brings up so many more issues than the actual act of racial profiling.

kid president, ant-bullying, stop bullies, selfie, selfies, otherpeoplies
@IAmKidPresident: Kid President's skyrocket to fame hasn't slowed him down one bit and every day there's something more he has to offer to the world. My favorite for this month being his request for more #OtherPeoplies instead of #Selfies.

tulle skirt tutu, cinderella costume, adorned in armor, tarah lynn saint germain
Adorned In Armor: Lately I've been reevaluating my love for tulle. This outfit makes me love the classically girly-girl fabric in a completely different way than I would have just a few weeks ago.

The Man Repeller: A playful recount of Krista's time as a street style photographer at NYFW. Who knew photographing fashion show attendees was so nerve-racking??

racial profiling, pretty for a black girl, beautiful black women, stank face
@ginnnybaby: Really this tweet says it all because I've heard this comment WAYYY too many times.

trayvon martin, george zimmerman, fashion show, nyfw, making a statement, refinery29, tshirt, 11 men killed, police brutality, racism, racial profiling
Refinery29: "For all the times when Fashion Week feels like the most important thing, it's good to remember there's a lot happening in the world beyond it." This shirt was worn at NYFW and has the names of 11 Black men killed by police brutality, Here's a deeper look into the story behine Shiona Turini's outfit choice and when it will be available in stores.

Independent Fashion Bloggers: IFB shed some light on the relationship between fashion magazine editors and bloggers when it comes to their paycheck. The gap is astonishingly wide and frankly I was shocked to see that magazine personnel and bloggers are nowhere near being on the same playing field when it comes to income.

rihanna, relevent magazine, rape victims, domestic violence, relationship issues, ray rice, physical abuse, assault, nfl, suspension, ravens
Relevent Magazine: With everything that's going on in the media today and most especially the NFL (*cough cough* Ray Rice) this article states an obvious but regularly ignored truth -- "3 Questions No Victim Of Domestic Violence Should Have To Answer."

nail art, beauty sleep, eyelashes, mpnails, jena hipp, nailart
@MPNails: Something simple I've been wanting to do with my nails for a while from MP Nails's Instagram feed.

Refinery29: Piggybacking on Relevent Magazine's article, here's another Refinery29 article that hits the big issues in media head on again. Rihanna's performance was pulled from a pre-NFL game lineup. Why? Just because we will never see her as just musician but instead as "that one singer who was a victim of domestic violence."

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