Monday, September 29, 2014

IFB Links a la Mode: Always Be Prepared


Always Be Prepared

"You can never be over dressed, or under educated." says Oscar Wilde. And he is right. The thing about style, is that it always depends on the occasion. Being appropriately dressed (even if it's overdressed) is something a style seeker must always be ready for. Also, what good is style if you're not up on substance? This week's link roundup gets you ready for all of that so you'll never be caught off guard. This season anyway.

Links à la Mode: September 25th

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Friday, September 26, 2014

The Purpose of The Fashion Industry

A couple of months ago my mom met a lady who wanted to consign a large number of Coach bags at a local consignment store. We've all heard of brand loyalty, but this woman obviously had a story. As it turns out, a few years back she had been diagnosed with cancer. Her husband knew she loved Coach handbags so every time she had radiation he bought her a new bag. She is now in remission and even though the bags were a light patch in what I can only imagine was a dark time in her life she wants to get rid of them.

Her story made me think of all the things I own and the story behind them. So many people view fashion as a shallow, materialistic industry but there is so much more to it. Fashion changes lives by manipulating the way we feel, talk, look, and act. Our clothes are connected to memories that pictures could not have captured. Fashion is more than just clothes and shoes and bags. The purpose of fashion is to make a difference. Marc Jacobs once said that as a designer all he really does is make clothes -- plain and simple. Marc Jacobs, you are very very wrong! Think of Nigel from The Devil Wears Prada. One of the best monologues in the movie occurs when Nigel tells Andy about all of the important, high profile personnel who have walked the halls of Runway and the hope that the magazine gives to the upcoming generations. Just like Marc Jacobs, Andy was wrong in thinking that fashion is entirely superficial and nonsense behavior. It's an important industry and without it the world would be vastly different. Designers do not simply make stuff, stylists do not simply dress people, photographers do not simply take photos, and models do not simply just walk down a narrow stage. They are all part of an industry whose purpose is to make the boring exciting and the dull glamorous. In my opinion, the fashion industry is a heroic one that doesn't get or give itself enough credit.

Photo from We Heart It

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pinspiration: People I Love

channing tatum, alicia keys, kendal jenner calvins, miley cyrus tongue, tia and tamara mowry, julianne hough
lana del rey, gabrielle union, beyonce knowles carter flawless, kylie jenner instagram, julianne hough, jesse eisenberg, tia mowry, tamara mowry
tika sumpter, kendall jenner pacsun, emily schuman, cupcakes and cashmere, keke palmer, chanel iman, vogue, super model
I have a group of favorite celebrities that I love for their ability to make a Sunday evening sitting at home alone glamorous. From the clothes they wear to the events they attend everything they do says something about them and that something has given me a glamorous revelation. I don't wholeheartedly love most of these celebrities because they each have their fatal flaws. In fact, I usually am ranting about my frustration with Miley Cyrus and her reckless semantics, but I also respect her carefree, open-minded albeit crazy outlook on life. Of course everyone has their two cents about the Kardashian/Jenner clan, but I have an overwhelming admiration for them. Especially Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Every single person in that fame hungry family has a less than favorable characteristic but who am I to judge? They've given me so many great moments that they're allowed to slip up every now and then. I don't listen to Lana Del Rey's music and I'm not going to be a pseudo-fan like so many of the young girls of this generation. However, her cover story in Nylon Magazine earlier this year made me realize the real world that so many celebrities live in but so little of us see. Of course Channing Tatum is pretty much self explanatory. Jesse Eisenberg is a real creep when it comes to who I would or wouldn't want to be friends with in real life, but I love his ideologies and his perspective on things. He's a testament to the ridiculous amount of unnecessarily criticism we as consumers dish out. Tika Sumpter and Julianne Hough are the two celebrities I have been able to love without shame or guilt. They are both gorgeous, talented, and underrated female Hollywood personalities that I wish more celebrities were like. 

To see more pictures from my "People I Love" Pinterest board follow me on Pinterest!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How To Strike A Pose Like A Fashion Blogger

I can attest to the common struggle of not knowing what to do with my body once I'm in front of a camera. It's not that I'm camera shy or don't feel comfortable with my body, but every time I strike a range of poses throughout a photo shoot I end up with hundreds of awkward pictures. Obviously I'm not the only one who feels this way because a fabulous lady (...or gentleman) took the time to do a quick sketch of signature poses from some of the top fashion bloggers. I love The Man Repeller and Fashion Toast so I'll be experimenting with Leandra and Rumi's poses for my next outfit photos. The Blonde Salad is artistic gold when it comes to haute couture outfit styling and I envy the effortlessness and on-the-go nature of almost all of Chiara's photo shoots. Luckily, her glamorous charm that once eluded me has now been documented in a simple figurine sketch for me to use anytime I want to strike a pose. Now if you're ever caught off guard by a street style photog or just want to have an impromptu posing contest with you best girlfriends you'll have 7 poses in your arsenal to pull out and wow the crowd.

Photo from Pinterest

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

12 Internet Posts I Loved This Month

tips, thrift shopping, vintage, goodwill, the glitter guide
The Glitter Guide: Five tips for successful thrift shopping for the newbie thrifter or just about anyone who's interested in upping their thrifting game.

Elisfa: No makeup is becoming the new makeup and Marc Jacobs's S/S runway show at New York Fashion Week made it official. Here's a quick analysis of the new trend.

django unchained, daniele watts, refinery29, refinery 29, racism in america, police brutality, pda, public affection, white supremacy
Refinery29: Racial profiling has become such an issue within America that reading this story about Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts being unlawfully arrested brings up so many more issues than the actual act of racial profiling.

kid president, ant-bullying, stop bullies, selfie, selfies, otherpeoplies
@IAmKidPresident: Kid President's skyrocket to fame hasn't slowed him down one bit and every day there's something more he has to offer to the world. My favorite for this month being his request for more #OtherPeoplies instead of #Selfies.

tulle skirt tutu, cinderella costume, adorned in armor, tarah lynn saint germain
Adorned In Armor: Lately I've been reevaluating my love for tulle. This outfit makes me love the classically girly-girl fabric in a completely different way than I would have just a few weeks ago.

The Man Repeller: A playful recount of Krista's time as a street style photographer at NYFW. Who knew photographing fashion show attendees was so nerve-racking??

racial profiling, pretty for a black girl, beautiful black women, stank face
@ginnnybaby: Really this tweet says it all because I've heard this comment WAYYY too many times.

trayvon martin, george zimmerman, fashion show, nyfw, making a statement, refinery29, tshirt, 11 men killed, police brutality, racism, racial profiling
Refinery29: "For all the times when Fashion Week feels like the most important thing, it's good to remember there's a lot happening in the world beyond it." This shirt was worn at NYFW and has the names of 11 Black men killed by police brutality, Here's a deeper look into the story behine Shiona Turini's outfit choice and when it will be available in stores.

Independent Fashion Bloggers: IFB shed some light on the relationship between fashion magazine editors and bloggers when it comes to their paycheck. The gap is astonishingly wide and frankly I was shocked to see that magazine personnel and bloggers are nowhere near being on the same playing field when it comes to income.

rihanna, relevent magazine, rape victims, domestic violence, relationship issues, ray rice, physical abuse, assault, nfl, suspension, ravens
Relevent Magazine: With everything that's going on in the media today and most especially the NFL (*cough cough* Ray Rice) this article states an obvious but regularly ignored truth -- "3 Questions No Victim Of Domestic Violence Should Have To Answer."

nail art, beauty sleep, eyelashes, mpnails, jena hipp, nailart
@MPNails: Something simple I've been wanting to do with my nails for a while from MP Nails's Instagram feed.

Refinery29: Piggybacking on Relevent Magazine's article, here's another Refinery29 article that hits the big issues in media head on again. Rihanna's performance was pulled from a pre-NFL game lineup. Why? Just because we will never see her as just musician but instead as "that one singer who was a victim of domestic violence."

Photos from respective websites

Monday, September 22, 2014

Oh Joy! Styled Denim Sketches

The Denim Shirt (A.K.A. The Chambray): My search for the perfect chambray top continues on, but in the mean time I've taken to the styling sketches of Oh Joy!'s head of house Joy Cho for ideas and tips on how to style it. I'm probably the only girl left in the fashion world who doesn't own a chambray shirt so I don't doubt these ideas will come in handy for you more than they will for me. Though I'll likely pass on the scalloped clutch, the idea of adding a colorful belt, a breezy skirt, striped shorts, and/or patterned flats to a chambray centered outfit sounds like my kind of style.

The Denim Overalls: When the overall trend first came about I wasn't too thrilled about resurrecting my childhood nightmare (or go-to outfit, depending on exactly what part of my childhood we're talking about). But it didn't take me long to realize that denim overalls are mush more fashionable than I ever gave them credit for. Joy's suggestion for a glitter headband goes without saying because just about every semi-casual outfit looks great with a sparkling headpiece. Bonus points if you add more bling around your neck with a chain necklace (or a choker if you're feeling daring). Top it all of with a straw bag, if that's your cup of tea. I never jumped on the straw bag  bandwagon so I'll use a structured shoulder bag as a suitable alternative.

The Denim Vest: The last of the looks features the all too convenient denim vest. I love the entire look and the lack of commitment needed to pull off a denim vest makes this trend even more appealing. A chambray shirt and denim overalls require a great love of denim since it will be the dominant fabric throughout the outfit, but with vests denim takes a step back and acts as a complimentary fabric to all of the other pieces within the outfit. This specific look Joy has created features a sequined collar that I can't help but imagine being interchangeable with a Mignonne Gavigan necklace scarf. Add in a patterned clutch that could easily be a Nila Anthony original, a pair of bright heels, and one of hundreds of quirky tees you could buy from the best t-shirt shops on the internet.

Photos from Oh Joy!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Links A La Mode: That Natural Look


That Natural Look

Maybe it had something to do with that post the Man Repeller wrote about not wearing makeup. Maybe it's about the Normcore sensibility of not trying too hard. Maybe it's because everyone is fed up with hyper-photoshopped images in the media. But now? Now that natural look, unretouched has never been more perfect. This week we visit fashion month, with all the trends hitting the streets and the runways, so look into the future, it's returning to the basics.

Links à la Mode

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pinspiration: Accessories & Under Things

miley cyrus, lingerie, kitsch hair ties, pink lips telephone, kate spade tortoise shell thick frames, sunglasses
lace fringe scarf, free people, burgundy hat, urban outfitter, j'adore iphone case, diy tie dye clutch bobbi pins, shopbando, bando, vintage knickers, floral underwear, red lips cuff links, gentleman, above the knee socks, how to style knee high socks
Let me welcome you by saying, "Doesn't Miley Cyrus look great in lingerie." (note the slight sarcasm). This photo was obviously taken pre-rebellion since new Miley would have shunned such an excessive amount of clothing. Though I'm not one to advice wearing Miley's outfit or any similar outfit out of your house, I like the fact that it's an unintentional mesh of the two very distinct Mileys the world has come to know.
I also have an unhealthy preference to tortoise shell when it comes to eyewear and those Kate Spade frames are no exclusion.
Thankfully it's almost time for sweater weather because even though I love all the seasons after week 8 or 9 of summer I get antsy thinking about new scarves and hats like the ones here.
However, the downside of colder weather is the inability to wear above the knee skirts without practically freezing to death. I've tried the school girl inspired above-the-knee sock trend but it looks 10x better on Pinterest than it ever will on me.
And who doesn't love a pair of high wastered knickers. Vintage-y undergarments remind me of the opening scene of The Devil Wears Prada and anything that even slightly hints at one of my all time favorite movies gets a mark of approval in my book.

To see the rest of my pins for my "Accessories & Under Things" pinboard follow me on Pinterest here.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tulle Skirts & Pashli with Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni's style is one that's decidedly laid back and glamorous at the same time. She puts a darker edge to an otherwise classically feminine tulle maxi skirt by wearing it with a plain white tank top with gaping sleeve openings and a cheetah print 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli crossbody. Channeling my inner Italian globetrotter, I put together a faux lace racerback tank with my beloved shimmering maxi skirt from Rue 21 along with my black Pashli bag from the Target collection. I compensated for the lack of cheetah print on my purse with a pair of cheetah Mary Jane heels. Fashion week street style model I am not (I cannot get over the ridiculousness of my pursed lips), but Leandra-approved styling inspiration I've got covered. My Pashli bag is probably one of the best purchases I've made this year in terms of usage. No matter how many times I change up purses I always end up going back to it. And the shimmery transparency of my skirt has made me absolutely fall in love with it. It's become my go-to piece when choosing outfits for more high stakes situations. I've always been one to believe that you do well when you're dressed well.

Photo by The Blonde Salad

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Second Thoughts On Diptyque Candles

diptyque, candle, feu de bois, review, luxury candles, french, 34 boulevard saint germain
If you recall, about eight weeks ago I accidentally purchased a Diptyque candle in Feu de Bois which, let's just say, I was less than impressed with at the time. I'll admit that my original dissatisfaction was probably because I was in such pain over the cost of such a tiny candle (the 2.4 oz size usually runs for about $30). The scent wasn't amazing, but the price made it downright horrible in my mind. It wasn't really that small, but with how much it cost it was minuscule in my thoughts. I usually don't mind spending a few extra bucks on quality, handmade, locally sold, or otherwise specially made products, but as a high school student working less than 10 hours a week and who isn't incredibly into the art of household aromatherapy, buying a Diptyque candle is like buying a Chanel 2.55.

Luckily, I've had a change of heart since then. The first thing that shot me back into reality was the undeniable quality of  Diptyque candles. I frequently burned my candle for a maximum of 30 minutes a day and hours after I'd blown the flame out my mom would pass by my room gushing about the lasting power of the fragrance. The approximate burning time for the 1.2 oz size is 8-12 hours, but the scent lasts hours after it's been put out and fills the air in all the surrounding rooms.

The second thing that converted me to a Diptyque-lover is the fact that the candle actually did smell good. After the initial financial sting wore off and I became familiar with the Feu de Bois scent, I actually fell in love with the comforting, woody fragrance and simply held the candle under my nose every so often whenever I wanted a sense of familiarity.

Arguably biggest reason that switched my perspective was the shocking reality I have to face every day: that in a few short months I'll be moving out and decorating a "home" of my own completely from scratch. I'm super excited about getting the chance to be entirely responsible for the decor in my living space and one of the things that I plan to embrace is aromatherapy and home fragrances. Ever since this revelation I've developed a newfound interest in waxes, wicks, and candlesticks along with the other elements of home decor.

The last remnants of wax from my Diptyque candle melted away this past weekend so now the search for a great candle has become even more urgent. What candles do you use and what are some of your favorite home fragrances?

Photo by

Monday, September 15, 2014

Million $$$ Nail Art

ciate chalkboard nails
hex nail jewelry, textured nail polish, seventeen magazine nail art, 14k gold crucifix, fourteen kt cross
hex nai jewelry, 14k gold nail art, decals, nail charms, unicorns, unicorn head, telephone, lips
Some of my newest nail art discoveries have left me feeling like a million bucks. I indulged in 14k gold plated nail charms from Hex Nail Jewelry last month and I haven't felt a dollar short of Kanye West success since. My favorite of my selection has to be my golden crucifix that looks like it should've been on the cover Kanye's Yeesuz album. Sitting side by side with my golden crucifix is my just as golden unicorn head. My love for unicorns can only be heightened by the fact that I get to wear one plated in gold on the tip of my manicured fingers. All Hex Nail Jewelry charms are plated in 14k gold, but not a single one of them is more than $1.75 so I guess you can say feeling like a million bucks comes at a small cost. Along with my gold nail jewelry I decided to finally crack open my Ciate Caviar Mini Bar set. My favorite bottle from the set is Front Row which has black, blue, and silver beads with reflective purple and teal sequins. I used it over Ciate's baby blue in Ferris Wheel. To top off my nail art adventures I went back to my beloved chalkboard nails once again. Super shiny nails are usually my only requirement when doing my nails, but matte chalkboard is my nail art guilty pleasure. They best part about chalkboard nails isn't even the cool design; it's the ridiculously fast dry time and the 10 days with virtually no chipping lasting power.

Friday, September 12, 2014

15 Graphic T-Shirts To Buy Now

housewifey, real housewives of, i woke up like this flawless, beyonce, kindness is always stylish, nobody said it would be easy
Graphic tees are a godsend for those casual Fridays when you want to look relaxed and effortless without diminishing your style. T-shirts are the fundamental basics that lay the foundation for an all-purpose closet that'll be able to dress you at your every whim. Nylon Magazine has an entire shop section on their website that has tons and tons of cheeky graphic tees. From the Cara Delevingne endorsed "I Met God. She's Black" tee to the pop culture and fashion designer references splattered across the rest of their tees I've come to love Nylon Magazine more than I did before. Beyond Nylon there are dozens of shops offering a selection of graphic t-shirts for a range of prices. Some of the best tees and tanks I've seen lately have been from Etsy, Instagram, and small shops online so without further ado here are 15 graphic tees you should go and buy now from around the internet.

ONE: Love Unstoppable is currently going through a remodel of their shop, but luckily one thing that's staying is their "Know Your Worth" tee. I major message shared in a simple way perfect for mini moments of activism.

TWO: As someone who is a Real Housewives maniac I am obsessed with this glamorous spin on the popular Wifey fad.

THREE: A Beyonce inspired t-shirt. What more can I say? Flawless.

FOUR: Not only is the lined up lipsticks a super cute idea, but the design was done by one of my favorite illustrators, Queeni Kathleeni. Her work is always amazing.

we blow kisses, graphic tees, perfection, i love you etc, shop, start up business
FIVE: We Blow Kisses is one of my new favorite brands on Instagram. Just a little more than a month old, We Blow Kisses sells graphic tees with simple word and phrases of encouragement in watercolor styled font. I love watercolor inspired fonts and the simple, chic design of each shirt that is either slouchy or fitted (I get pretty particular about the fit of my graphic tees so I love that they tell you the fit of each one) is perfect for everything I look for in a t-shirt. And just like the t-shirt above, most styles come in short and long sleeves.

SIX: You'd be lying if you said this thought didn't cross your mind on an almost weekly bases. Now you can have a t-shirt to wear every time you go shopping with that one friend who always reminds you about your budget and the rent you know you'll eventually have to pay. It's pretty much the glamorous version of pretty please with a cherry on top.

yeah bunny, nobody said it was easy, mascara wands, wand, black and white, etsy shop
SEVEN: To be fair, I spotted this "Nobody Said It Was Easy" t-shirt before the Queeni Kathleeni version. I love the idea of mascara wands (because, honestly, perfectly coated, long, voluminous eyelashes are harder to get than winged eyeliner). Obviously I love them both and you could get both. Pick your poison. And have a little snap-snap dance party once you order.

shopriffraff, shop riff raff, riff raff clothing, apparel, wildfox couture, jane austen, pride and prejudice, mrs. darcy tee, tshirt, t shirt
EIGHT: This graphic tee plays up your undying love for Mr. Darcy that Jane Austen fans can't resist. Pride and Prejudice isn't just for your high school English class any more. Channel your inner Mrs. Darcy with this heathered tee made by the ever-so-popular Wildfox Couture.

Image of Ru Paul For President Tee, ru paul's drag race, wacky wacko
NINEWhether you're into drag or not you've got to admit that Ru Paul is a seriously fierce individual. Wacky Wacko shows their appreciation for the world famous drag queen with this scratchpad style Ru Paul For President graphic tee. And if Ru Paul's future campaign tee isn't quite you're cup of tea, but you're still into the weirder side of things then I'd bet that Wacky Wacko has plenty more graphic tees you'll love.

 mindy maes market, queeni kathleeni, nobody said it was easy
TEN: Putting positivity into the world is such an important part of life and this bestselling t-shirt from Mindy Mae's Market is a glamorous way to do just that. Kindness is always stylish. One of my favorite quotes as of late is "be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle," and it has been floating around Instagram and Twitter lately, especially since the death of Robin Williams. "Kindness is always stylish" is simply a fashionable alternative to a really important phrase. Trends come and go, but kindness lasts forever.

ELEVEN: For the lovers of lipstick: this t-shirt is an exclusive design by the Etsy shop Yeah Bunny and all of their items are limited edition and won’t be restocked. One of my favorites from their newest collection is this lipstick patterned black tee. I’m usually a little hesitant about all over patterns because they can be hard to style into an outfit but the couture lipstick illustrations and black background make this shirt a little more versatile for your wardrobe.

le motto, she she bon bon, accept more judge less, more elegance less arrogance, tshirt, t shirt, tee
TWELVE: Feeding off of the “Know Your Worth," "Perfection <3," and “Kindness is always Stylish” tees, here’s another t-shirt that has a great message. When I first saw Le Motto's designs I vaguely remembered seeing them in an outfit post or boutique before. Then I realized they made the t-shirt from one of the style blog posts I loved way back when in June! Le Motto’s entire collection of graphic tees and sweatshirts feature phrases like “accept more; judge less,” “more gratitude; less attitude,” “more humanity; less cruelty,” and “more elegance; less arrogance.” This one is one of my favorites and each design come in at least 5 different colors so you can pair each phrase with the perfect color.

wildfox couture, bicyclette boutique, shopbicycletteboutique, Sunday i love you
THIRTEEN: Who doesn't love a great slow-paced Sunday? Wildfox Couture has a ton of vintage inspired graphic tees so naturally more than one of their t-shirts would be on the list. I originally saw this tee on Bicyclette Boutiques Instagram feed, but they haven’t gotten them in stock yet so you have to order directly from the Wildfox website.

sincerely jules shop, apparel, bisous, xo, tee, tshirt, t shirt
FOURTEEN: You’re probably familiar with the Sincerely Jules fashion blog and if you’re a fan then you should definitely check out her apparel line. She designs a collection of cute graphic tees that have been featured in Instyle and Glamour Magazine.  This graphic tee is one of her Bisous designs which means “kisses” in French.

yeah bunny etsy shop, apparel, tee, tshirt, t shirt, polish girl, #polishgirl graphic tee
FIFTEEN: I am most definitely a #PolishGirl so this graphic tee (also from Yeah Bunny!) is perfect. I have a mini obsession with nail art and I'll take any opportunity to express that obsession beyond the 10 little canvases on the ends of my fingers.

Photos from respective websites and Instagram

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pinspiration: BOTTOMS

Gone are the days where every fabulous top I own is paired with one of the many pairs of jeans I have sitting in my closet. For far too long I believed that a "killer outfit" consisted of an incredible shirt... and a pair of dark blue denim jeans. It wasn't a conscious decision, but every picture I look at the featured me in one of my signature favorite outfits was really just a picture of me in a great top and jeans. Fortunately, I now sing to a different tune and spend the majority of my days in dresses and skirts. And even when I throw on a pair of jeans I feel the distinct grunge/rockabilly style that the fabric once represented. A healthy mix of dark denim, frilly skater skirts, and patterned shorts never hurt anybody. I've dedicated my entire Pinterest board titled "Bottoms" to all of the glamorous pieces that'd fit with the already extensive range of tops I have in my closet. Polka dot and patchwork jeans along with sequin joggers, floral midis, and printed shorts create enough spice to kick my wardrobe up a couple notches and still be sane enough to wear on the daily. And even if it's a bit over the top life is short -- wear sequins.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Being The Underdog Is The Advantage?



Type A.

I thought of at least 5 fashion bloggers who have talked about being at least one of those things just as I was typing the words. It's almost as if the ideal characteristics of a successful fashion blogger are #1 be an introvert, #2 be a perfectionist, and #3 have a Type A personality. Who needs a DSLR or custom domain name when you have those character traits?!

I have heard those three words from fashion bloggers so many times and frankly I'm tired of it. Article and interview after article and interview talks about how great introverts are, how so many well known and successful people are really introverts, how being an introvert is really the best thing that could have happened to you for your career, and blah blah blah blah blah.

And how many people do you know that don't identify as a perfectionist? It seems like everyone and their mother is "obsessed" with getting everything perfectly right every time and hates any and every time they make a mistake and can't fix it. Essentially they're calling themselves control freaks. Obsessive control freaks.

Are you a Type A person? I'm definitely not and I am proud of that. I have yet to read a book/blog/article or see an interview/character/TV personality that opening identifies as a Type B personalty, but you better believe I know enough Type As to count on my hands and feet... Twice. What does Type A even mean??
"Type A" individuals as ambitious, rigidly organized, highly status-conscious, sensitive, impatient, take on more than they can handle, want other people to get to the point, anxious, proactive, and concerned with time management. People with Type A personalities are often high-achieving "workaholics" who multi-task, push themselves with deadlines, and hate both delays and ambivalence."

"Highly status-conscious." "Impatient." "Takes on more than they can handle." "Anxious." These aren't necessarily character traits that I would think of when it comes to what I want to be, but being Type A is quickly becoming a coveted characteristic.

Of course I don't have a problem with introverts. perfectionists, or Type A people. There are great people that fit into each of those categories and I wouldn't want those people to be anything different. But the fashion industry and especially the blogging community seems to indirectly bash the extroverts, non-perfectionists, and Type B way of life when it talks about how incredibly advantageous introverts, perfectionists, and Type A personalities are. Both sides of the spectrum have a foothold in fashion and that's because of hard work, persistence, and a love for what they do. Those are the character traits that really define a person in his or her fashion career. I just wish more bloggers and other fashion industry personnel would come out and say that they're chaotic and like to go out and have fun and don't stress about everything that went wrong throughout the day and aren't always a nervous wreck. It would definitely be a welcome change to say the least.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Best Time To Shop: Second Edition

If you haven't already read my first guide for the best time to shop you should probably take a couple minutes and read the little tidbits of information about the best time to buy swimwear, perfume, and pajamas. If you have already read it then snaps for you for reading one of my beginning blogger posts because even I cringe when I see some of my first blog articles (side note/fun fact: the first edition of The Best Time To Shop was my first ever article to be chosen for IFB's Links a la Mode.) For part deux I'm going to take a quick dip into the waters of 1) Linens, 2) Hair Care Products, and 3) Planners and Agendas.

Linens: I have only purchased linens on one occasion and that is on a late Thursday afternoon in the spring after spending an entire day watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and obsessing over their uber luxe black and creme themed bedrooms. I made a quick trip to Walmart and purchased the black fitted sheet I could find (at the time I thought I didn't care about thread count. Turns out I actually really do) which resulted in my buying a 200 thread count $13 Walmart brand sheet for my bed. Since then I've discovered a plethora of bedding options in a variety of thread counts, fabrics, patterns, and prices, but the one thing that's pretty consistent is that Black Friday has crazy good deals for any type of sheets. Every year when I'm standing in line for hours and hours waiting on an Xbox 360 or the newest RockBand I see a line snaking around whatever department or specialty store I happen to be in leading straight to the linens aisle. Savings up to 85% are totally worth the long lines and intense chaos when it means great sheets.

organix argain oil shampoo and conditionar, cheap hair care products, good prices
Hair Care Products: The beginning of summer and the beginning of winter. Simple. You know all of those commercials you see advertising shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products that fight against the harsh extremes of the heat or cold? Those are strategically released to give you the product you want when you need it. Though it seems like hair care companies are always releasing new products at arbitrary times throughout the year, they spend a significant part of their year planning entire collections around the idea that the summer and winter are the times when your hair needs their products most. So you can bet that a lot of their time and energy has gone into those pre-season products you see on the shelves. agenda, bando party dots, shop bando, party house, when to buy a bando agenda, when to purchase a 17 month planner
Planners and Agendas: In the case of agendas this year, if you didn't purchase one within two weeks of their pre-order release on line you were fresh out of luck when it came to getting your hands on one for the 2014-15 edition. But for every other case you can put your hope in the fact that whatever agenda you've had your eye on will be available months after its release. That's why December is the best month to buy 17 month agendas even if you run on a typical 12 month schedule. If you're out of school you probably don't think of your years as August-May, but rather January-December so by buying a "school year" calender several months after it's been released you get the discounted price since you technically lost the first 5 months of use even though you plan on only using the remaining 12 months for the calendar year.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

One Necklace, Six Faces

instagram shopping, little april showers jewellery, jewelry, hot air balloon necklace, tim burton black bunny earrings, quirky accessories
instagram shopping, little april showers jewellery, jewelry, hot air balloon necklace, qirky accessories
instagram shopping, little april showers jewellery, jewelry, hot air balloon necklace, quirky accessories
instagram shopping, little april showers jewellery, jewelry, hot air balloon necklace, quirky accessories
instagram shopping, little april showers jewellery, jewelry, hot air balloon necklace, quirky accessories
instagram shopping, little april showers jewellery, jewelry
I hold the slightly unpopular belief that the UK is home to some of the best fashion inspiration and trends around the world. French and American style have their glory days, but British fashion is the unsung hero of the fashion industry. One of the many reasons I know this to be true is one of my favorite handmade jewelry shops, Little April Showers Jewellery, which is based in the UK and has the type of quirky jewelry you'd see in Fashion Week street style photos. I am most definitely not at New York Fashion Week right now, but I might as well be with this hot air balloon necklace. I've had my eye on this little piece of art since April, the creator of Little April Showers Jewellery, featured it in an Instagram giveaway in April. I have a very obvious addiction to Instagram shopping so it's no surprise that even though I fell in love with the hot air balloon necklace when I actually placed my order there were 8 items on my list (one of which is a pair of oversized black bunny earrings that remind me remotely of Tim Burton, which you can see in the topmost pictures above).

In the four months I had between the time I first laid eyes on an LASJ hot air balloon necklace and the day it arrived in my mailbox I'd thought of at least 10 different ways I'd wear it, but once I saw a picture of April styling it herself with a black collared shirt I was pretty dead set on pairing it with every single collared shirt I owned. That is, until I realized I had a ton of collared shirts. There just isn't enough daylight in 24 hours for me to photograph me wearing it in all of my different blouses so I decided on 3 of my favorites and spared you the pictures of my wearing it with a plain white tee which is how I've worn it almost half a dozen different times in the past two weeks. Even with a plain t-shirt this little hand illustrated hot air balloon makes me feel happy and princess-y (which is the more girly version of quirky, I guess) and that feeling triples when I pair it with a clashing patterned top or pastel pearl studded Peter Pan collar. I usually try to keep it cute and "professional" when I'm doing a photoshoot, but in the spirit of the quirkiness of Little April Showers Jewellery and their hot air balloon necklace I chose the 6 funniest and/or most care free faces I made from over 100 photos of silly poses. Never take life too seriously!