Monday, August 25, 2014

The Best Blogger Series Around The Web

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If you hadn't notice I do a lot of series on A Glamorous Revelation (yes, I now know the plural of series! It's series... anticlimactic, I know) especially in the month of July. Some series that I have on going started months ago and continue to write about every few weeks, like My Little Obsession and Deal Or No Deal. Others have a specific time frame where I typically do once a week for a certain number of weeks, like Makeup Mondays and the "If You Love..." series. I like to have a basic template for particular blog posts so that for the most part when my readers come to my blog they know what I have to offer. As a reader, series on other blogs are like a little treat for those of us who continue coming back to a blog because we get to know a little bit more about the blogger each time or add a little piece to a big puzzle. I'm not too particular about whether they are consistently posted on the same day every week or whenever the blogger has time to get to it. I just love to read something that I know is part of a whole.

I'll spare you the speech about my love for flat lays, edits, AND illustrations (because by now you've probably heard it twenty times), but let me just say Emma Kisstina has some of my all time favorite things in her WIMB series. Most Wednesdays she shares a custom illustration she's done featuring the "Must Haves" of different bloggers. Fashion illustration enthusiasts enjoy!

To Do lists are my idea of fun and The Glitter Guide has stocks and STOCKS of weekend To Do lists in its archives. Every Friday you'll find a new list of places to go, things to try, products to buy, clothes to wear, and so much more. Even if it'n not a Friday you can find plenty to do in the more than 90 posts that are on from weekends past.

Unfortunately there is no particular place where I can find all of Teen Vogue's "...Need To Read Stat" posts, but that won't stand in the way of me getting all of the internet news I've missed throughout the week. The series name is pretty self-explanatory so you can expect a roundup of links of the different topics buzzing around the entertainment and fashion industry on the internet. Just to stir things up every now and then Teen Vogue throws in a little politics to bring awareness to the issues going on in the world related to the young men and women who read the magazine. 

The five things that inspire Emily Schuman every week have proven to inspire the masses as well. Ranging from her favorite eatery of the moment to her latest ultra sound photos, each post gives you a glimpse into the luxe life of Emily and what goes on behind the scenes of C&C. My favorite so far has to be when she discovered Cake In A Jar because I'm still drooling over such a delicious idea months later.

Photo from We Heart It