Friday, August 15, 2014

The 8 Biggest Announcements Of This Week

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There have been so many big announcements across the world this week. From pregnancy announcements to new collection releases the internet was spitting out good news left and right. Just like any other week there were some down sides and bad news did come along, but all in all I keep my eyes on the glamorous prize and focus on the good because this week had some great news that's worth getting excited about.

One: Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere is pregnant! Just last week I wrote about my love for her and her blog so the news has come as a pleasant almost-surprise. Of course I didn't already know Em was preggers before she announced it on twitter and her blog, but I have been counting down the days till she would come out with the news almost since her one year wedding anniversary.

Two: Beyonce came out with a school supplies mini collection! The collection features a backpack, two pencil cases, and a composition notebook all with a black and purple color scheme. The pencil cases have "FLAWLESS" and "BEYONCE" printed in large lettering on the front and the composition notebook has "Angel" with a line through it on the front cover name line. I wouldn't go hopping off your seats quite yet, though. The entire line of products retails for $200 so this school might be spent with the same ol' same ol' school supplies.

Three: Macarons and Peonies Shop is BACK! I love the Macarons and Peonies print shop and almost every single one of the prints in my living space are a featured M+P design. Roxy is officially off her extended hiatus and released 17 new prints this week. Each print is now a digital download so you can decorate your home as soon as you place an order and as a grand re-opening she's offering 25% off all purchases of $10 or more.

Four: Brad Goreski turned 37! Thirty-seven isn't really a special age and most of you probably don't know who Brad Goreski even is so this news is somewhat useless to you right now. Well take this as an informal introduction to Brad and his work. He is a celebrity and brand stylist in New York and star of the Bravo TV show It's A Brad Brad World. If I were you I would score the internet for old episodes of his show because not only is it super fun to watch him live fashionable NYC life you also get to see a little bit behind the scenes of hoe certain celebrities get ready for awards shows and magazines spreads. Plus a whole lot of behind the scenes at Kate Spade New York, Brad's main client.

Five: Speaking of Kate Spade, KSNY is releasing another coffee table book, Places To Go, People To See! Due out in October, the Kate Spade team Instagrammmed a picture of their editorial team and publishers putting together their newest collection. With the success of their first book Things We Love, I can only expect this one will be a knock out as well.

Six: Betsey Johnson created a crafting collection for Michael's craft stores! Michael's now carries dozens of Betsey Jonhnson sew-on decals among other things that you can buy to DIY your denim jacket, tulle skirt, and anything else you'd like. Unfortunately all of the pieces are only available in stores so those of us who don't have a Michael's within reasonable distance will have to admire from afar.

Seven: Celobebrities is collaborating with Nylon Magazine! Celobebrities is the Etsy shop with stud earrings for every celebrity. You can buy a pair of studs featuring the face of any celebrity for just $10 including duos like Beyonce and Jay Z, Mindy and Danny, Kim and Kanye, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Celobebrities fits in perfectly with Nylon Mags aesthetic so it's no surprise this partnership came to be. And for the month of July Celoberities is offering 10% off all orders so head on over to their shop.

Eight: Tiny Time Machines changed their name to Steal Time Back! I love my Tiny Time Machines watch and the brands steal time back message. Though I like the original name best, Steal Time Back communicates the great message they creators are trying to share. So far nothing but their name has changed but I'm keeping my eyes peeled for any other new branding announcements and hopefully some new designs.