Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pinspiration: Words Of Wisdom

Everyone needs words of encouragement every now and then. Pinterest has a poetic collection of quotes to lift your spirits or inspire whenever you need it. I have over 100 pins on my "Words Of Wisdom" Pinterest board and every single one of them can stir up an emotion within me. Almost like the way an old song brings back memories stored in the back of your brain, Pinterest quotes ignite a flame that makes you look at life in a slightly different perspective. Glamour Girls live life from all of its different angles and being able to experience life in a new way is a huge part of a glamorous revelation. Words Of Wisdom is probably one of my favorite boards because it can do so much with so little. Just a few words and my life is changed. What are some of your favorite Pinterest quotes? And am I the only one who takes pinspiration to a whole other level when words are involved? Yeah, yeah, yeah outfits are inspiring but quotes... those are the real inspirational parts of Pinterest.

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