Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pinspiration: BAGS

Bags, bags, bags! Baggage claim has never been so fashionable. They say the bigger your bag is the more insecurities and emotion baggage you have, but I find that statement incredibly inaccurate. Mostly because I change from big purses to small purses and back again so often that there is no way I could be dfefined by just one size. I love the hands free element of crossbodies, but I also love being able to fill my bag with whatever junk I please. And when I carry a hobo bag or tote in the crevice of my elbow I feel over dressed and slightly snobby among the masses of sweatpant clad teenagers in my high school hallway. But then whatever crossbody bag I chose will disrupt the flow of every outfit I chose as it creates a slash (or sash, depending on how you feel about crossbodies) from my shoulder to my hip. Clutches are completely out of the question because unless your going out on the town or at a dinner party they are inconvenient and slightly pretentious. Do daytime clutches even exist? Wristlets are a great clutch alternative, but then you get back into the too-much-stuff-not-enough-space territory. *sigh* Maybe that's why I have so many bags. Because choosing just one is like picking a favorite child.

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