Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Little Obsession: Beautiful Bouquets

After seeing all the pretty pictures of farmer's market flowers on Instagram throughout spring I became obsessed with flowers. I bought a dozen every other week when I went grocery shopping and went flower picking whenever I saw a particularly bright bunch in my neighborhood. However, after about 6 store bought and handmade bouquets I realized I can't keep a bouquet of flowers alive to save my life and my allergies are just not worth it. I now have a bundle of fake pink flowers on my desk and leave the very pretty and very alive flowers for the girls on Pinterest. Here are my favorite flower pins that I'm debating about printing out and sticking on my wall. I think this is the only aspect of my wedding I've thoroughly thought about and I am completely okay with that. The flowers I have at my ceremony and reception are going to be a big deal when I start planning my Big Day and you better believe I'm going to try and keep them alive for as long as possible afterwards. Thankfully I no longer live in Oklahoma where the most exotic thing I saw was grass that was actually green and a tree the height of my dad. Fingers crossed I end up residing in a place that has a landscape as beautiful as the life I hope to live.