Wednesday, August 6, 2014

If You Love Cupcakes And Cashmere...

if you love cupcakes and cashmere, emily schuman, o my darlings blog, pealrs and pastries shop, sequin hangers, the glitter guide
Cupcakes and Cashmere is and always will be one of my favorite blogs. C&C was the only fashion blog I read for over 3 years before I was introduced to the blogging community. As a blonde, classic and cute LA lifestyle blogger Emily Schuman and her blog have created almost their own little realm of fashion blogs. Much like Cupcakes and Cashmere, there are a few blogs and bloggers that I read that don't focus on just outfit posts, if at all, and have a distinct feminine undertone to everything they write. Their posts are short and their images are gorgeous; they cover different aspects of everyday life and make you wish you lived a life just as glamorous as theirs. Just as the niche suggests they're selling a lifestyle not just home decor or outfits or entertaining tips. They elevate your life in more ways than one.

if you love cupcakes and cashmere, pearls and pastries shop, sequin hangers, o my darlings blog, the glitter guide, emily schuman
O My Darlings Blog: O My Darlings Blog is all of the luxe glamour of C&C with a stronger lifestyle focus. The author of O My Darlings Blog just had her second child and shares all about the fun of her growing family. The decor in her home has a neutral and sophisticated palette that I absolutely love. It just oozes glamour.

if you love cupcakes and cashmere, emily schuman, pearls and pastries shop, the glitter guide, o my darlings blog, sequin hangers
The Glitter Guide: The How To for everything and Round Ups for all your style needs. The Glitter Guide has a ton of posts in their archives that you can read and reread every season. Makeup tutorials and outfit idea roundups are all over their site. If you love all the different inspiration and shopping ideas you get from Emily on Cupcakes and Cashmere then you definitely need to check out The Glitter Guide.

if you love cupcakes and cashmere, o my darlings blog, emily schuman, pearls and pastries shop, the glitter guide, sequin hangers
Pearls and Pastries Blog: Lauren is the unofficial queen of sparkles. Her blog matches C&C with the style of writing she uses in all of her posts. Everything she writes is short and sweet and gives you a little glimpse into her sparkly glam life. She shares the products she loves, her fun and glittery work life and home, and gives you a little peak of the people and websites she loves around the web. AT Pearls and Pastries everything is double dipped in glitter with sprinkles on top.

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