Monday, August 4, 2014

Fashion Illustrations & Print Shops For Your College Dorm Or Apartment

Watercolour illustration Titled Bon Voyage by Fall into london etsy print shop, decorating, college dorm room, decor for your first apartment, back to school
Moving into a college dorm or your first apartment can be an equally exciting and scary experience. Beyond the main financial and personal logistics of living in a new place one of the things on your mind is how you'll decorate your space. Just by going on Pinterest you can find tons of inspiration and have your brain boil over with different theme ideas and concepts. Just going through my "Of House and Home" Pinterest board I'm torn between grand and extravagant decor or a more subtle, understated design with a slightly gypsy feel. But honestly, more than finding inspiration is concerned decorating a dorm or apartment on a college student or young adult budget can be a bit of an adventure. Going to a furniture store will give you a heart attack just by looking at the price tags. That's where I decided that the best option to make my living space up to par would be to decorate every counter/desk top and open wall space with fashion art prints from my favorite Etsy print shops.

Crème de la Crème Print by macarons and peonies print shop, back to school, decorating your college dorm room, decor in your first apartment
Macarons and Peonies has French themed prints that have phrases like "Creme de la Creme" and "J'adore" printed across the Eiffel Tower, french macarons, and a Diptyque candle. I currently have four of her prints framed in my room and on my desk at this very moment and am giving away two of her most popular prints on Instagram this week for the A Glamorous Revelation National Freindship Day giveaway.

Audrey Hepburn Dictionary Art from at the drive in on etsy, decorating your first college dorm or apartment, back to school, decor for university dormitory
I also love At The Drive In on Etsy that sells anime and theatrical characters printed on dictionary paper. You can get a custom print made with any celebrity or famous Hollywood personality for $10 or buy a pre-made print of Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe for $5.
Dress Form Fashion Illustration rebecca minkiff mini mac, fashion illustration, money can buy lipstick, back to school, decorating your first apartment, college dorm room decor
Blogger Teresa of Money Can Buy Lipstick recently opened up a print shop for illustrations, ShopMCBL of iconic fashion industry pieces like the Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC, Chanel espadrilles, and Dior perfume.

Watercolour fashion illustration of Leighton Meester Titled Punky Topknot by fall into london, etsy print shop, back to school, decorating college dorm room, decor for your first apartment
At an average of $25 a piece Kara Endres and Fall Into London are the more pricey options of the bunch, but the prints from their respective shops are stunning. My favorites from Kara Endres's shop are the watercolor "Sunglasses Stack", the "Floral Srtipes Glambattista Valli Runway" illustration, and the watercolor "Daily Darling" blogger illustration. And from Fall Into London I love the watercolor "Bon Voyage," the watercolor fashion illustration portrait "Leighton Meester: Punky Topknot," and the mixed media illustration "Brit Chick."

Photp by Fall Into London and respective Etsy shops