Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Big, Bold, & Glamorously Beautiful

Let's all make a decision to be a little glam today and everyday hereafter. Agreed? Agreed. I won't be sporting a natural 'do anytime soon, but this big hair + bright makeup + pink gloves combo is enough to make me consider it a glamorous revelation. Sometimes it's the big extravagant moments that make a difference and sometimes it's the one little thing that makes a big impact. Way back when I wrote about about finding YOUR pretty picture. A picture (or pictures, plural, if you're more of the indecisive or over-inspired type like myself) that may not necessarily be pretty in the traditional sense yet makes your insides do a little back flip and get butterflies. No matter how many times you've seen it you get inspired all over again whenever you take a glance. That's me just about once a week when I go through old magazines, coffee table books, and my Pinterest pins. That's me when I see this picture. I feel something different every time. Today it's the profound glamour in the shimmer of her eyeshadow and the delicacy of her gloved hands rather than the boldness of her hair and smile. Over all it makes me fluttery inside and inspires me to be a little bit more over the top in life. More glamorous if you will. What do you see in this picture? Strength? Delicacy? Boldness? Joyousness? Tell me, tell me, tell me! I want to know so comment below (hey, that rhymed).

Photo from Pinterest