Tuesday, August 19, 2014

All Purpose Sunglasses For Spontaneous Nights

Summer 2k14 has definitely been one to remember. I loved every second of it throughout the ups and the downs. Some of the best memories from the past few months have been the product of impromptu plans and spontaneous nights. Now that summer is over and I'm almost a month into school I long for the warm summer nights spent making things up as I went. I have every intention of making this semester just as amazing as the summer that preceded it. Luckily Warby Parker has created a collection with spontaneous late nights in mind.

Every pair in one of Warby Parker's newest collections, Beacon, was inspired by the all-nighters no one saw coming yet no one can forget. Glasses are not always the first thing that comes to mind when you remember all of the great unexpected moments you've had, but the Beacon Collection will make you rethink the glamorous details of all those impromptu nights. The memories I want to make this semester can only be made better with a pair of McKee frames and possibly even a pair of Nancy's. I am incredibly partial to tortoise frames when it comes to prescription/clear lenses and the new McKee frames don't disappoint. When it comes to sunglasses I usually lean towards aviators, but the squared-off round Nancy frames from Warby Parker give me a new perspective on even sunglasses wear. It's safe to say that any pair of sunnies worn after than sun has gone down can be deemed a completely superficial accessory so for those late nights where the sun has in fact disappeared Nancy frames are the way to go.

Just like all of Warby Parker's other collections for every pair of glasses sold from the Beacon Collection Warby Parker will donate a pair of glasses to a community in need. I might not have been completely sold on getting a pair of McKees or Nancies before but knowing that making my fall semester memories even greater will give someone else the chance to see life through new lenses adds to the value of a great pair of glasses.

Photo c/o Warby Parker