Wednesday, August 27, 2014

3 Controversial Posts I Loved This Month

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August has not shied away from controversy in the slightest. I was impressed as well as excited about all of the posts I read this past month talking about issues and concerns that are filled with opinions. All too often we are afraid of upsetting that one person that we keep from inspiring many. Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game! (Okay, I know I used that in the wrong context but bare with me here). All of this month's posts featured something or another that struck up a not-so-pleasant conversation or confronted an issue that needed to be talked about. So here are some thought provoking posts for you to chew on for the next couple of weeks and if nothing else I hope they inspire you to speak up about what's on your mind.

jen gotchj,, controversial, controversy, homeless youth in LA, miley cyrus
@JenGotch: Jen Gotch, the creative director of, posted a picture on Instagram of a presumably homeless woman peeing in the streets of LA and proceeded to make a comment about the humor and graphic nature of the scene. Surprise, surprise! Minutes after her post went live "concerned citizens" came in by the bus loads commenting on the insensitivity and ignorance of the post. At first she refused to delete the photo because she didn't see the grand issue, but I'm guessing she eventually got tired of the constant notifications from irate Instagrammers and got rid of it so alternatively I've chosen this picture of her with her newly dyed pink hair.

 vogue italia, controversy, fashion news, rape editorial
Purushu Arie: It's safe to say that violence has taken a prominent place in the news across the globe as of late. What isn't as expected is the role violence has come to play in the fashion industry. Purushu Arie goes into the gory (politically not physically) details of designers and magazine editors insensitively using hot topic international news issues as inspiration. And of course Vogue Italia would be a multiple offender. What controversial issue aren't they involved in?

michelle phan lawsuit, vlogger controversy, blogger copyright issue, future of vlogging and blogging
Wild Beauty World: Ultimate 21st century blogger Michelle Phan is being sued and now the rest of us are shaking in our boots. Well not quite, but some of us should be. Just like the intern vs fashion magazine lawsuits, this lawsuit against the personal brand of Michelle Phan sets a new standard for how major companies will choose to work with bloggers in the future. This could be the beginning of the end for certain blog standards as we know it according to Wild Beauty World.

Photos from Instagram, Purushu Arie, and Wild Beauty World