Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pinspiration: Food For Thought

Pinterest is full of complex recipes and 30 minute dishes but as someone who isn't the best chef I just love to look at all the beautiful food. Gourmet burgers and almost anything on a stick has me drooling. All of the fabulous Susie Homemaker pinners never fail to supply me with pretty, pink donuts sprinkled with gold and lavender confetti and chocolate drizzled popcorn planted on top of an ice cream cone. And who doesn't love Rocky road cookies and blueberry waffle cookie bites?

I try to make ever meal an occasion and take every thing to the next level. A fancy meal doesn't have to be at an expensive restaurant or include a lace tablecloth and wine glasses. Even with the small, seemingly insignificant meals I try to through in a little pizazz inspired by all of the deliciously photographed foods on Pinterest. When food looks just as good as it tastes it makes me fee that much more glamorous.

You can find the recipes to all of these dishes on my Pinterest board "Food For Thought" along with all of the other pins seen in the series Pinspiration.