Wednesday, July 30, 2014

If You Love Sophia Webster...

sophia webster, word bubble clutches, all that talk clutch, if you love Sophia Webster, sofia
First of all, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the amazingly whimsical shoe designer Sophia Webster and her namesake label visit her website now and meet me back here in 10 minutes when you're done drooling.

Okay! Now that everyone is up to speed I can keep going. If you have been reading my blog for even a little while you're probably familiar with my overwhelming love for Sophia Webster. At least one pair of her shoes are on my Rich Girl Wishlist, my "Shoes" Pinterest board is full of her designs, and I almost cried when she announced the 2014 Sophia Webster summer sale. But Sophia Webster isn't the only brand that has amazing designs that look like they've been covered in unicorn kisses. Some of my favorite accessories brands have the same quirky fairytale motive at heart and have prices accessible for the average Glamour Girl without sacrificing the quirky or cool aesthetic.

nila anthony hand bags, handbags, watermelon clutch, neon transparent purse, 3d mint flower clutch
Nila Anthony bags come in so many different prints, shapes, and materials and you can browse all of them on their website. They have bags made out of metallic, holographic, cork, and transparent plastic fabric. They also have bags shaped like watermelon, limes, ice cream cones, stars, and eyeballs as well as reinterpreted versions of classics like satchels and hobo bags.

little april showers jewellery, jewelry, hot air balloon necklace, hand illustrated accessories, quirky and cute jewelry, cottage with chimney smoke necklace
I love Love LOVE April's necklaces! My absolute favorite is the "Hot Air Balloon necklace", with the "Rain Cloud" pendant coming in second, and the Wizard Of Oz-esqu "Country Cottage" necklace coming in a close third. She also has a necklace and earring set with a toadstool pendant, a pair of bicycle earrings, a Mallard duck ring and a whole range of teacup pieces. Quirky and cute come together perfectly in all her designs. Living in T-shirts and jeans won't ever be a problem if you have statement jewelry like LASJ to go with it.

r-ki-tekt, r ki tekt, rkitekt, accessories, baubke necklaces, random pretty things
Your online destination for "random pretty things" and glittery fun baubles! (r-ki-tekt) necklaces, belts, and hair accessories are perfect for brightening up anyone's day. On top of the confetti and glitter (r-ki-tekt) features a healthy dose of polka dots that even the most boring person you know can't refuse. And honestly a shop that's main inspiration is Punky Brewster doesn't need explaining so I'll just let these random pretty pieces speak for themselves.

love star fower vases, lovestar, all you need is love floral arrangement, glitter vase, transparent water flower vase
I love flowers and putting them in a pretty vase is the icing on the cake when it comes to the aesthetics of bouquets. The fact that LOVESTAR vases are heart shaped and made to be mounted on your wall already makes them super cute. Add in glitter and sparkles with "All You Need Is Love" printed on the front in gold foil you have the cutest flower arrangements you could possibly imagine.

celenestones, celene stones, wire wrapped jewelry, bauble bangles, instagram shopping
CeleneStones is one of my favorite Instagram shops and uses some of the pretties druzy stones and shiny beads for its wire wrapped bauble bangles. CeleneStones bracelets and necklaces are overflowing with pinks, blues, purples, and whites -- the best colors for creating a pretty princess jewelry piece.

party skirts, polyvore polka dot skirt flat lay collage 
party skirts
Another item on my Rich Girl Wishlist, Party Skirts are just what its name implies: skirts that work fabulously as party attire. They collaborated with Teen Vogue earlier this year to make poofy party skirts in polka dot and plaid patterns. The newest designs are just as party-worthy as ever and the new Party Skirts tee shirt line has super cheeky, fun tees that can be worn casually or a little dressed up. Party Skirts were made to be worn with Sophia Webster shoes so that every girl who ever wears a pretty princess outfit can strut her stuff in head to toe style.