Wednesday, July 16, 2014

If You Love The Man Repeller...

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I have an unashamed, unexpected love for Leandra and Co over at The Man Repeller with all the satirical, buzz-worthy, and plain ridiculous articles they publish every day. Incidentally finding blogs that have its same je ne sais quoi in every article while still remaining undoubtedly original and entertaining has become my saving grace. 90% of the most entertaining and thought-provoking pieces I read every day come from edgy and humorous blogs that have a whole lot of fashion and even more personality. So for all of you Man Repeller fans, here are the 3 blogs you should be adding to your reading list.

adorned in armor, girl boss, girl probs, beauty is pain, problems
Adorned In Armor
By far, one of my favorite blogs simply because Tarah writes about the inside of the fashion industry rather than just it's pretty surface. Some of her best posts talk about why you should (or shouldn't) be wearing makeup, the fabulous stylists behind Lupita Nyong'o, Lily Collins, and Zendaya, and why she cares way more about fashion than she ever will about politics.

loser girl wins, flower crowns, the man repeller, unicorn lover
Loser Girl Wins
Okay there is a little bias here because Sarah, like myself, is a lover of unicorns. But all personal preferences aside, her blog has a humor that's effectively subtle at times and outrageously sarcastic at others. Even her outfit posts feature her hanging from stop signs and playing with bunnies. One of my all time favorite posts  on Loser Girl Wins discusses why she reads Seventeen Magazine past the quite obviously suggested age of 17. Her answer in a nutshell: Teenagers are broke, she's broke, and Seventeen features cheap products so why not indulge in its suggested items.

the blonde salad, chiara ferragni, top tier fashion blog, fashion blogger cum designer
The Blonde Salad
The Blonde Salad is one of the most popular fashion blogs in the world and features a collection of high fashion outfits and inspirational photos from Chiara Ferragni as she prances around Italy. Her incredibly expensive and artfully worn outfits match the aesthetic of Leandra and her $1,000 mules and neck scarves. The most Man Repeller-esqu part of The Blonde Salad is Chiara's inspirational photos that she posts every week. Most all of them look like they've been torn straight out of Love Magazine or an early 2000s issue of Nylon. Despite Chiara's blonde hair and beautiful Italian face she has a slightly 90's rebellious style that only a true Man Repeller lover can appreciate.

Photos by The Man Repeller, Adorned In Armor, Loser Girl Wins, The Blonde Salad