Wednesday, July 23, 2014

If You Love Essie Nail Polish...

pretty please nail polish, ciate london manicure set, hex nail jewelry decals and charms, scratch monthly nail wraps subscription
I am incredibly indecisive with my nails. I change nail polishes 2-3 times a week and experiment with nail art all the time so at home DIY manicures are a must for me. Essie has over 250 different nail polishes and colors so you're never without a shade that fits your mood, but sometimes a manicure needs more than just a few coats of a single color. Nail jewelry, nail art pens, shell and caviar decals, and custom named polishes are what you need to take your nails to the next level and these brands have just what you need to make it happen.

1. Who doesn't love all of the puny sassy  nail polish names you find on the bottom of your nail polish bottles?! Pretty Please Nail Polish has an easy to use custom nail polish generator that makes creating your personalized polish super easy. First you choose one of the 25 colors they have for the season. Then you choose the name you'd like it to have. It can be anything you can think of within 25 characters and will be placed right on the front of the bottle. Next you can pick another shade and make another custom nail polish or decide to order more than one of your first creation to add to your shopping cart. Once you have created all the personalized polishes your heart desires place your order and viola! You're now an official nail polish namer. Add that to your resume!

2. Nail wraps have all the intense detail and design of a professional manicure but take out all of the time and skills you need to get it done. They are super easy to use and the best part about them is their is ABSOLUTELY NO DRY TIME. My least favorite part of doing my nails is the inevitable helpless hands syndrome when my nails are wet and I have to walk around with my hands out in front of me like a zombie. Scratch Nail Subscriptions make nail wraps even easier than before with a monthly box of nail wraps custom designed by their artist of the month. Each month you can sign up to receive each months box, but don't worry about getting a bunch of nail designs you don't like. Before each set is sent out for the month they send you a preview email so you can decide if "yes I want to receive this month's box," "no, I'd like to skip this month's box," or "I want to send this months box to a friend" and if you skip a month it's at no cost to you.

3. Decals and 3D add-ons can instantly make your nails look like they took hours to do, but in reality they just take a dab of nail glue and a pair of tweezers. Hex Nail Jewelry has dozens of different 3D nail decals you can buy individually or in sets. The simple gold plated designs give your nails a classy rather than cartoon-ish vibe so you don't have to worry about the "professionalism" look. 

4. Not only are Ciate Nail Polish bottles super cute they come in sets that make even the most insane ideas nail art genius. Their newest release is the seashell manicure which has a base coat color and a bottle of finely crushed shells in a complimentary shade. Ciate is also the home of the caviar manicure and every year they release new caviar bead colors and a caviar mini nail bar set. And it doesn't stop their! Remember my chalkboard nails from a few weeks ago? Yep, those were Ciate. And the nail decals everyone is talking about that are made from real flowers? Those are Ciate, too. They've got nail kits on lock so keep a look out for their new releases in Sephora and on their Instagram.

Photos from respective Instagram accounts