Thursday, July 31, 2014

Denim 101: How To Find Your Perfect Fit & Style Of Jeans

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Kierra is the blogger behind the personal and honest fashion blog A Pretty Thought and spends her days working in the denim industry. She has an overwhelming love for the Holy Grail fabric of the 21st Century and has all your answers for any denim questions you could possibly have. Anything specific you want to know about jeans? Don't know which style or cut to get? Confused about the care and keeping of a particular pair you have? Read the article she wrote specifically for A Glamorous Revelation below for everything you need to know about finding the perfect jeans for you and comment below with any extra questions you have or visit her blog and see if you can find the answer in any of the posts she has on her website. Make sure to check out the next installment of my Blogger Confessions series "Monetizing Your Blog" on her blog for the 3 things to think about before you decide to monetize as a small blogger. Enjoy!
When I was a kid the hardest thing in the world was finding a pair of jeans that could actually fit. Every 
school year I would get new clothes. Ross was the go too and If I behaved well I could even go to Macy's (which is very fancy to a 6 year old). I thought it was cool that I got new outfits while all the other kids were wearing last year’s clothes or worse..handmedowns from older sibilings. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized my mom only  took me shopping every year because I grew out of everything, not because she wanted too(all these years I thought I was special..pshhhhhh yeah right)
I grew up wearing Levi jeans, overalls, and any other denim item you could possibly think of; and when I graduated college with my BS in Apparel Merchandising it only seemed fitting that I work in Denim. So with my current experience (Men’s sales at Hudson Jeans) and my long childhood history, I have learned a few tricks of the trade.
So many women miss this key aspect because it tends to not be a glaringly obvious feature of a jean. Fabric determines a lot of things
  1. Wash: If the fabric is weak that means that pretty red color that just made you love it so much, will soon fade if not handled properly. My recommendation: Don’t wash it.
  2. Durability: Wonder why your ripped jeans only cost $24?  That’s because the fabric wasn’t hard to rip! Chaffing, Pilling and the Rips splitting even bigger are bound to happen with cheap fabrics
  3. Fit: Ever wonder why at forever 21 you’re a size 8 and at charlotte russe you’re a size 10? Its usually a difference in fabrics (along with construction), but typically a jean will be easier to get into if it has more stretch.
How do you know what fabric you’re using? Check the tag and see the percentage of cotton and spandex. Try and get a pair of jeans with at least 2% spandex. If you’re shopping premium denim, the specialist in the store will definitely be able to tell you which jean to get based on your needs.
Example One: I want a pair of jeans I can wear into, something that will fit me perfectly over time.
Answer: Raw denim will start off stiff but will eventually shape to your body.
Example Two: I want something slimming and that will compliment my shape
Answer: Stretch denim, fits like a glove, works easily around your body.
Fun fact: Most rip and repair jeans cost upward of $150 because of the time needed for manual construction. First the garment has to be ripped and then it has to be sewn and tightened around the edges; sometimes there is even a backing (this is the repair portion).
If you’ve never been measured go to any denim store and have them measure you (I got measured at Buckle) or try on various inseams and see where they fall. I’m 5’9 and my inseam is 34 (long). Inseams are your guide to determining which fit to buy. Which leads to my next point!

The length will look different depending on what type of fit it is. For example a skinny with a 34inch inseam is perfect( hits right before the bottom of my foot). A bootcut in a 34inch inseam  folds all the way under my foot. I often have to cuff it so that it doesn’t look sloppy, or wear it with a pair of heels (and for those of you who don’t know…I don’t do heels)  
Fun tip: If you can’t find the right length and fit then pic length first and have it tailored to the fit you want. For example I just bought the Rip and Repair jeans (see below)  and I love them but I don’t like bootcuts. So I had it tapered at the knee all the way down into a skinny. Now you have the perfect length and fit!
Managing different types of jeans: I know there are some who prefer not to wash jeans at all but for those of us who do.
  1. Rip and repair jeans: Need to be hand washed, If you stick them in the washer you take the risk of getting them snagged on something.
  2. Wax/coating: Most all jeans have some type of coating or hand sanding but waxed denim is trending for fall and holiday. If you wash these the wax will come off. I would suggest not washing them at all, even hand washing.
  3. Printed jeans: Hand wash or wash inside out with like colors. The last thing you want is for your print to fade!
  4. All other jeans: Wash inside out with like colors!
My favorite pair of jeans: Hudson Brand
Height: 5’9
Inseam: 34in(skinny), 32in(straight)
Fabric: DBB, DMS( very stretchy!!)
Preferred Fits: Super Skinny, Skinny, Straight
Fav Styles (from Hudson): Tilda, Collin, Nico, Love(only when tailored)
All of the above pants are Hudson Jeans. I currently own the first two! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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