Friday, July 18, 2014

Deal Or No Deal: Diptyque Candles

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diptyque candle, britter and jo, harper designs
When I go shopping, I take on one of two personalities; the incredibly stingy shopper who won't spend more than $10 on any one item or the shopaholic who buys anything and everything in sight, regardless of the cost. More often than not, I'm the former. Instead of breaking the bank on costly designer duds, I find alternatives that have what I love about [insert designer item here] with a much friendlier price tag.

I've heard a lot about Diptyque candles and have seen them in pictures on almost every frills and feathers fashion blog I've read including Cupcakes and Cashmere. They have a range of scents and sizes, but when I visited their website and realized they cost $65 for the same amount of wax I buy for $1.97 at Walmart I let go of my desire to have one decorate my humble living area. Macarons and Peonies came to my rescue with a 5x7 print featuring 3 Diptyque candles in either J'adore, L'amour, or Baies. For a little less than five American dollars (she's based in Canada) I got the look I wanted without spending the fortune I didn't have. Even the mini Diptyque I have thanks to Hautelook's daily discount notifications doesn't stack up to my J'adore print sitting pretty atop my bookshelf.


  1. 65 bucks!? Goodness. I've always been curious about Diptyque too, wondering if they were worth the hype but never got around to looking them up. Looks like I won't be purchasing any.

    Regardless, I do love the look of the candles so maybe I should get the print too then. I'm actually liking a few pieces from M&P. Also, I'm sure someone could find an exact or similar scent from a small business.

    1. The full size candles are $65 and the minis are $30 which is an insane price. I ended up paying on $13 for my mini candle but I still cringed at the price, especially when I discovered I didn't like the scent that much and the fragrance didn't last as long as I'd hoped. Maybe I'll give it another chance when I'm making a few hundred thousand dollars a year and don't mind spending that much on an itty bitty candle. Until then Macarons and Peonies print shop it is.


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