Monday, July 14, 2014

7 More Internet Posts I Loved In June

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Here we are at week three of my June internet posts round ups. Of course I could tell you about how awesome these posts are, how great June was, and everything that was inspired by everything you're about to see, but I'd much rather have these posts speak for themselves so just keep on readin' and clickin'.

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One: This tweet has very little logical stability but it's so funny and I literally laughed out loud so why not share it for you all to enjoy as well.

Two: The Kim Kardashian app looks equal parts ridiculous and addictive. Kylie Jenner has already suffered from minor hysteria due to its addictive nature (source: Kylie's twitter account last night which, I might add, is in mild hysteria a great deal of the time).

Three: It wouldn't be a June internet posts roundup without an outfit of the day, would it? 1 blouse. 3 ways. And a classy chic pattern that reminds me so much of Marc by Marc Jacobs.

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Four: This little girl from Caged Bird Blog's Instagram wearing a cute little Caged Bird beaded bracelet and the sassiest little expression. I definitely want those sunglasses and her fierce attitude. She pulls it off so well, though, I don't know if I should even try and compete.

Five: Let's get back to Kim Kardashian for a bit. I mean, she did have a Coachelle inspired birthday for North West aptly titled Kidchella. And yes, the attire was a rockabilly hispter's dream. Fringe, cutoffs, tie-dye, and all.

Six: is probably one of my favorite websites and last month they provided an easy to follow guide on how to dress like a french girl. The American obsession with emulating the French will never fade so like the saying goes: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Seven: And to finish this week's post off here's a handful of pretty pink sparkly things brought to you by Pearls and Pastries. I don't think their's a single post on Pearls and Pastries that doesn't include something sparkly, pink, or floral. Lauren, P&P's writer, sells sequin hangers on Etsy for a living so a beautiful mess is always expected on her blog and I mean that in the best of ways!

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