Monday, July 21, 2014

3 Glamorous Internet Posts I Loved In June

This month is flying by so quickly it barely feels like July even happened. Keeping my mind on June rather than the end of this month (who came up with the idea of starting school in July anyway?!?!) with all of the internet posts I loved makes summer vacation seem just a little bit longer. Here's to ending Summer 2014 with a bang!

pearls and pastries shop, watercolor glitter feather art print
Pearls and Pastries: Like I said last week, Lauren knows how to bring on the pretty, pink, and sparkly. Her weekly treasures have some of the cutest things including this watercolor feather painting and a gold trophy bowl filled with confetti.

faux fur winter coats hanging on clothing rack, luxury wardrobe hanging in closet
Fashion Indie: Willabelle's closet is to die for! Cheetah print espadrilles, blazers in different shades of pink and blue, wedges with barbie heads in them, and a rack of faux fur coats. She has a glamorous wardrobe to say the least.

kelly osbourne lavender hair, safety pin hair accessories, colored hair with mini braids
Instagram: @Refinery29 posted this pic of Kelly Osbourne with her lavender grey hair braided and accessorized with giant safety pins. A bit reminiscent of her quite dark, figuratively and literally, days before she embraced her style savvy position in the industry.