Tuesday, July 15, 2014

11 Alternatives To Denim Cutoffs

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I do not wear denim cutoff shorts nor do I plan to any time in the future. Cutoffs seem to be some sort of unspoken summer essential (I know I've never actually seen them on a Summer Essentials edit) and I have no clue why. They don't offer much style variety beyond what you find in average, ankle length denim and they are by no means convenient. More often than not their pockets serve no actual function beyond hanging below the uneven and distressed fringe that itself is so inconveniently placed. What if you're having such a good time that your phone can no longer be held in your hand but must find residence elsewhere? Or if in your haste to leave your house the oh-so fashionable fringe hanging from your shorts gets caught on the door knob? These things happen, people. So what do you do? My advice is you stop wearing denim cutoffs and replace them with these 11 pairs of shorts that make Summer Lovin' more than just a song in Grease.
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