Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Why I Hate Your Blog: Blogger Confessions Pt 3

I love discovering new blogs that I love. Within about 5 minutes of finding a new blog I can tell if I'm going to love it or not. In fact, it probably takes less than that, but I give each blog a few extra minutes to redeem itself. Of course I don't actually hate all the blogs that do the things listed below, but let's just say if you have a blog and yours fits the description I might not enjoy your blog as much as you'd like. So without further ado, here's why I hate your blog.

1) You Don't Want Me To See Your Blog At Its Best.
The very first thing I do when I happen upon a blog is look for the mobile/web version button. Almost everything I do that is blog related happens on my iPhone which means when I first visit your blog I only see the mobile version. 99 times out of 100 a blog's mobile version isn't nearly as good as it's web version. Without a mobile-to-web version button I miss out on a lot of your hard work and the essence of what makes your blog unique (besides the content, obviously!). That's why A Glamorous Revelation doesn't even have a mobile version. I made sure to design everything desktop and mobile friendly.

2) You Don't Want Me To Read Your Old Blog Posts
Once I can see your beautiful web design, one of the first things I do is look for its archives. Even before I read a full post I'm looking down the side column(s) or searching the tabs for anything labeled "Archives". By looking through your archives I can do 3 very important things: see how long you've been blogging, see how often you blog, and see the titles of your posts (which tell me exactly what your blog is about because there are A LOT of different types of fashion bloggers out there).

3)  You Don't Want Me To Know Who You Are.
An "About Me" page is super important (especially if I can't find your archives!) for any reader that is looking for a connection with a blog. Feeling like you know a blog and its writer is one of the best parts of reading a blog so tell me about yourself. Even a little tidbit on the home page will do. Just don't be a stranger!

4) You Think I Can't Read.
I've already said that I don't like when fashion bloggers just post pictures with a few lines of outfit credits. I know how to read! If you never post any words beyond what you're wearing I'm not going to stay on your website for long, obviously. I just have to glance at a few pictures and I'm done. 30 seconds and I'm gone. Bye-bye blog.

5) You Think I LOVE To Read.
I actually do enjoy reading and long, thoughtful blog posts don't bother me. But blog posts about nonsense I don't care about, no matter the length, will have me exiting out of your blog in no time. I do not love the written word to the point I will read any and everything you post about. Keep it relevant or at least keep it relatable. Ain't no body got time for anything otherwise.

6) You Wish I Went Everywhere With You.
Why else would you post 15+ pictures of the same outfit at virtually the same location? The only reason I can think of is because you wish I was there and want me to experience every. single. second. of your blog worthy adventure. So unless you feel this way,  please don't post more than 4 pictures for any event or outfit post unless that fifth picture is just absolutely, overwhelmingly, freakin' awesome. In which case, still don't.

Photo from Tumblr via We Heart It